Tried and Tested – I Pumped Up The Voluma! by Jenny Isenman

…..I have to be honest, this was actually something I’d considered a long time ago, but put off for years under the assumption that filler is the true line between a little tweak here and there (which is what young people do) and committing to a life of plastic surgery and upkeep (which is what Cher does).  That said, I truly feel that some wrinkles add a little character, while folds and jowls make you look more like a character from a cartoon….an old one.  My cheeks that were once apple-y and easy to find for the purpose of applying blush, had sunken into my face and were beginning to fall past my jawline like Droopy Dog (I told you cartoon-like).  It was time.

I went to see my board-certified plastic surgeon who I often use for advice in my columns because he’s pretty awesome.  He agreed that some filler in my mid cheeks would pull up some of the sag and lift away some of the marionette lines around my mouth.  He suggested Voluma XC (by Allergan), which is the newest filler on the block.  It’s easy to add to, easy to manipulate, and its base is hyaluronic acid, which means it can be dissolved if need be.  I may seem brave, but I’m too big of a wuss to go with something that can’t be removed.Juvederm

My face immediately looked younger and fuller, and I truly mean that.  I was so thrilled that I skipped out the door……
My cheeks were fuller but not obvious.  My face looked a lot younger, but not blatantly so.  Like maybe I got a great haircut or found a fabulous new BB (Beauty Balm) cream or was using tacks to hold my skin up?  No one knew for sure.

Nancy:  I did not list Jenny’s entire article in this blog. Jenny wrote this article for the ASAPS SmartBeauty Guide, September 29, 2014 but it still holds true. Many of our clients tell us similar and wonderful stories everyday and I wanted to share a little bit of this excitement with you today.  Many things in life are complicated, but this is simple, with good-looking results, in just one office visit.  If you’re interested, just come in and we can talk about it…you do not have to buy or feel pressured to do anything. This will be fun!  Mention you read this blog article and you won’t even have to pay the $100 consultation fee.
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Best wishes for a happy & beautiful you!
Nancy, Office Manager