The Younger You Do It, The Longer It Lasts . . . . by Nancy

How do you know WHEN you might get a better result from a Mini-Facelift?  As a Portsmouth Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Gaudet often hears,  “I want to wait until I really need it”.  From everything I’ve seen and read, the truth is, if you wait until “you really need it” then you’ve waited too long.  Look at photos of yourself 10 years ago and you’ll see the aging process.  We lose collagen and facial volume from our 30’s and 40’s onward.  From 50 – 60 your eyes, mouth, jowls and neck show noticeable signs of aging.  Like everything else in life…you don’t wait until you’ve lost it before trying to prevent the loss.  You should try to recapture your youthful appearance while you still have it. 

When you’re 60 – 70 your eyes,  jowls, neck, forehead, crows feet, lip lines and deep smile lines have been aging for decades, creating permanent signs of aging to your face & skin.  You can always get a nice improvement with a mini or full facelift or eyelid surgery at any age but you will get a much better result, and a longer lasting result, if you do it earlier.  When you’re 50 – 60 you have  better elasticity to your skin, better vascular tissue, more collagen fibers, better underlying tissue and bone structure, therefore you have a better result, quicker recovery, longer lasting results, and you will age much better over time.  

Even though we have the Boston and Portland influence, conservative New Englanders, and that includes New Hampshire, are slowly embracing cosmetic surgery as well as non-invasive procedures like Botox and filler treatments (know as a liquid facelifts).   I’m starting to hear my friends talk about procedures and treatments they’ve heard about and they seem to be embracing the possibilities.  If you’re not certain what procedures would be good for you but you’d like to be proactive and talk about your options, then a consultation is a good place to start.  Dr Gaudet is the best!  He will explain everything to you, make recommendations, and discuss your options…..the rest is up to you!
What are you waiting for?

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