The Aging Process….

Cosmetic medical care today spans many treatments and procedures.  From nonsurgical beauty treatments to more intensive surgical procedures, a variety of options can meet and maintain your beauty and appearance throughout a lifetime.  There is a full array of cosmetic procedures so you can choose what’s right for you at any age,  because it’s not about beauty for a day, a week or a month…it’s about beauty for life.

We all know that as we age, our bodies will change.  But the process doesn’t occur at the same rate over the decades.  In fact, the older we become, the faster we age.

The passage of time and the pull of gravity cause us to lose the natural collagen and fat in and under our skin, thinning the outer tissues and leading to wrinkles.  Below the skin, fat cells diminish and collect in less desirable places – such as under our eyes and jawline.  We gain weight more easily, plus stress enhances the lines in our brows and around our mouths, and for most individuals, the skin around our stomachs, hips, legs and breasts stretches and sags. 

There are many nonsurgical and surgical ways to improve our appearance and diminish the effects of the aging process.  Exercising, healthy eating, avoiding tobacco, and reducing ultraviolet light exposure are simple ways to maintain our health and bodies throughout life.  Certain noninvasive and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures enhance the way we look and lessen the impact of age and sun exposure.  Surgical procedures offer more lasting solutions to reduce the evidence of aging on our skin and bodies. 

Plastic surgeons rely on their in-depth medical knowledge of the entire human body – its changes over time and its response to external factors – to accurately map our health and beauty goals at all the appropriate life stages.  They help us understand our options and manage our expectations.  Cosmetic medicine and surgery does not stop the aging process, but it can slow down the rate at which it affects our bodies.  Plastic surgeons convey information that empowers patients to make the right choices over the years,  and the results, patients tell us, improve their self-image and self-esteem.

Surgical procedures reposition our tissue and restore lost volume to rejuvenate our faces.  Nonsurgical procedures such as liquid facelifts, involve injection therapy and may include a combination of Botox, Voluma, Ultra Plus, etc.  Body contouring can reduce fat deposits and reshape the tummy, flanks, hips, backs, thighs and arms.

The most common surgical procedures we perform can be grouped into three categories:

Faceeyelid surgery, mini-facelift, neck lift, forehead lift + Injections to reduces unwanted facial lines and wrinkles: liquid facelifts

Breastenlargement, lifts, remove and replace implants – volume, size and shape

Body contouringtummy tucks, arm lifts and liposuction of hips, flanks, tummy, inner & outer thighs, back, buttocks, arms, sides of breasts, bra fat, knees, ankles, etc.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to optimal beauty.  That’s why Dr. Gaudet wants you to feel comfortable in your choices, and your decisions.  As you take some steps, we will be there to offer advice and guidance along the way as you face the common issues of aging and the maze of possibilities.

If you have any thoughts or questions about this blog or any cosmetic procedure, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We would love to hear from you!

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I would like to acknowledge and thank The American Society of Plastic Surgeons for the many articles and information they make available to their members for educational purposes.   “Beauty for Life…A guide to looking great at every age” is a publication by the ASPS and was very helpful in creating this blog article.