TEEN TALK…..by Julie Fortier, Esthetician

As the mother of a teenage boy and being surrounded by teenage girls (10 nieces and daughters of friends) I feel there is, much more than ever, a stigma for these young ladies to achieve perfection in their appearance.  Now don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to know that generation Y has figured out that the 80’s hair styles are not as attractive as we once thought and neon doesn’t look great on everyone, however it’s important for us to teach our children (boys included) that judging a person by their initial attractiveness will sell them short in life.  We are all different and attractive in our own individual ways, holding a level of beauty that generally is not something you can always see at first.  Your teen should be having fun, focusing on school, sports, hobbies and friends.  They shouldn’t be worried about whether their nose is too big or their lips are not full enough.  With YouTube, Instagram and Facebook videos and selfies at an all-time high, it’s vital to continuously assure our teens they are wonderful just the way they are.  You may not think they are listening, but trust me………they are.


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