As we nurture our minds and bodies out of this winter mind-set, I can’t help but wonder how wonderful the new season will be.  The spring song birds are singing, Canada Geese are back, day light is lasting longer, crocuses and daffodils will be popping up soon and I am so excited to see spring in the air!

Now my mind starts dreaming of things I can do to embrace the new season… a little summer hair cut would be cute, I’d like a new bathing suit but this winter weight has got to go, a manicure/pedicure is definitely on the list of things to do, plus I need a facial and need to see Dr Gaudet for facial fillers and Botox, and then I’ll be ready to embrace Spring.

Note to self:  now is the time to schedule these appointments before everyone else does

PS: I wonder what Dr Gaudet can do for my crow’s-feet?

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