Rejuvenate Your Look with a Mini-Facelift

facial rejuvenationAnother season passes, and just like the changes of the season, we like to rejuvenate our appearance, improve our skin and make the transition from summer to fall. Let’s take a look at the difference between a Mini-Facelift and a Full-Facelift. If you currently do fillers and want more results, or if you’ve never done anything and want the best results possible for the best price available….consider a mini or full-facelift. Both can offer a comprehensive approach to turning back the clock, rejuvenating your appearance and make you feel and look refreshed. An in-office Mini-Facelift is the best option to rejuvenate your appearance while minimizing risk and minimizing expense. If you are a good candidate for the procedure, the results can be wonderfully refreshing and give you a very natural look. The Mini-Facelift vs the Full Facelift varies in range from minimally invasive to more extensive, depending on your needs. Dr Gaudet will discuss your options with you during your initial consultation. He will want to know the improvements you would like to see, what bothers you the most and what outcomes you feel are realistic. He will answer all your questions and give you all your options.

Both Mini-Facelifts and Full-Facelift procedures can effectively remove sagging skin, tighten underlying tissues and muscles, and improve the look of the skin on the face and neck. It can correct mid-face sagging and jowls that are starting to appear, improve marionette lines and improve double chins. Throughout the US, thousands of men and women undergo successful facial surgery each year. For most people, a Mini-Facelift can address your needs, and can be comfortably done under local anesthesia, in our office. If a person’s eyebrows and forehead are low and droopy then a Full Facelift may be necessary to help elevate and tighten those areas. The decision between a Mini-Facelift or Full Facelift recommendation will be made during your consultation.

Your first visit with Dr. Gaudet is full of information…you are not obligated to do or buy anything. We give you lots of information to help you make the best decision for you. There are many choices available from surgery to in-office procedures (ie: wrinkle injections, wrinkle reducers, skin tightening, skin care products, and other surgeries like Eyelid Surgery or liposuction). We want to give you all your options, based on the improvements you would like to see. Contact us to schedule your first visit, you’ll be happy you did…603-431-5488