We are born with a certain number of fat cells distributed throughout our body. As we age, the number of fat cells stays the same, but the amount stored in each fat cell varies. That explains why sometimes we have a tendency to add fullness in some places and not in others. The particular tendency to store fat in one area but not another is inherited from our parents. Liposuction is an option for many people to address these sites, to help define contours, or improve your jaw line or waistline. It is also helpful in the chest and abdominal areas, flanks, thighs, arms and legs. Over the last 25 years, Liposuction has become one of the most requested plastic surgery procedure available. We have inherited a certain gene make-up, but if it bothers you, you don’t have to live with it….you can change it!

The Consultation:

We begin with a thorough medical history and physical examination to find out if you are a good candidate for Liposuction. We will then discuss the procedure, technique, operating time and recovery. It’s also nice to review before and after photos of patients who ‘had’ the same concerns you have.

The Procedure:

We start by marking the areas of your concern with a magic marking pen. The skin is then cleansed. Tiny incisions are made near the area involved. Fluid is then placed in the surgical area to fluff the fatty tissues, and insure your comfort with numbing solution. A surgical cannular is placed in the surgical site and fatty tissue is removed. This flattens the area and improves the contour.


After Liposuction, a compression garment is used to help the area heal by applying a gentle uniform pressure to the surgical site. You may take a shower within 24 hours to help you feel better. The exact healing time will vary from person to person, and can best be answered on an individual basis. There are a few tricks to healing quicker that we will share with you. If you follow our instructions, you can typically return to work in a few days. Some burning and swelling may persist for 1 – 3 weeks.


In the right hands, this is a simple, safe, office procedure. Fatty areas of fullness that have been bothering you for years can be changed in just a couple of hours. Always seek out a board certified Plastic Surgeon ensuring special training and certification. Also, members of The Aesthetic Society are board certified Plastic Surgeons who have done over one hundred cosmetic surgical cases. Dr Charles Gaudet has taken the time, thru advanced training and education, to obtain these qualifications and high standards. Now it’s safe and possible to get the desired look you want. Call 603-431-5488 for a consultation and start looking your best today.