How many times have you thought…”I hate my neck”… Dr. Gaudet hears this often from patients at his Portsmouth, NH office.


This may be because of loose skin, muscle bands creating a single or double neckband, or fatty fullness.  A combination of the above findings may be present giving you an appearance you dislike about your neck.  Weight loss and exercise are beneficial to your overall health, but typically offers only minimal improvement in the neck area.

What you have inherited or what you have acquired, may not be what you need to accept.

The neck area can have a wonderful improvement through a mini-facelift.  A MINI will offer improvements to the facial areas as well as the neck and jowl areas.  A MINI addressing the neck, requires an incision beneath the chin to allow access to reduce the fatty fullness and tighten the seperated neck muscles.  Incisions are also placed in the natural line in front of the ears, beneath the earlobe and behind the ears.  This allows tightening of the underlying muscle and the skin of the lower face, jowls and neck.  The procedure can be performed right in our office or in our outpatient setting.


Recovery is fairly quick and depends on your state of health and life style.  Both your procedure and recovery to a full active life style will be  individualized during your consultation.