2019 Best Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

NOMINATION ROUNDS ARE OVER 06/24/2019 thru 07/14/2019 Thank you for your nomination vote! Once the selected nominees in all categories are determined, the second and final round to VOTE for the BEST will begin…we will keep you posted! We were honored to be nominated in the Best Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon category for 2019 Best of… Read more »

Enhance vs. Transform….by Julie, Esthetician

It’s wonderful to work in Portsmouth, NH….a very scenic and naturally beautiful coastal town nestled in-between Portland and Boston.   When searching the web for some great Beauty blogging ideas what came to my attention was astounding. I love to write, but I am not one to search the web or social media as often as most, therefore… Read more »

The Aging Process….

Cosmetic medical care today spans many treatments and procedures.  From nonsurgical beauty treatments to more intensive surgical procedures, a variety of options can meet and maintain your beauty and appearance throughout a lifetime.  There is a full array of cosmetic procedures so you can choose what’s right for you at any age,  because it’s not about beauty… Read more »

7 Solutions for Sagging Facial Skin….by Mary Cunningham

  Feel like you’re pulling, tugging, or lifting every time you look in the mirror? Here are seven ways to feel uplifted.  1. Adjust Your Sleep While we sleep, gravity and our pillows are at odds with our faces.  Likewise, you might have noticed new lines upon waking up.  This doesn’t create sagging, but the… Read more »

The Younger You Do It, The Longer It Lasts . . . . by Nancy

How do you know WHEN you might get a better result from a Mini-Facelift?  As a Portsmouth Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Gaudet often hears,  “I want to wait until I really need it”.  From everything I’ve seen and read, the truth is, if you wait until “you really need it” then you’ve waited too long.  Look at… Read more »


          As we nurture our minds and bodies out of this winter mind-set, I can’t help but wonder how wonderful the new season will be.  The spring song birds are singing, Canada Geese are back, day light is lasting longer, crocuses and daffodils will be popping up soon and I am so… Read more »

Eyelid Surgery Update: 2017…by Dr Charles Gaudet

Are you considering Eyelid Surgery?    Recent statistics gathered by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveal that more than 209,000 people underwent eyelid surgery in 2016.  This represents an increase of close to 2% in just one year.  The reasons for its popularity are easy to understand given the fact it can be performed… Read more »

Things We Tend NOT to do In The Summer… by Nancy

It’s the summer time when the living is easy….good times with family and friends, fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables, get-a-way vacation destinations, ocean and lake days and long evening walks. The summer is great and we all know that fall and winter are coming, which are equally beautiful, but there are things we tend… Read more »

Healthy Habits – Healthy Life

    The majority of us begin health conscience behaviors when we are faced with a health concern that sparks an interest in correcting what is wrong. What if we started some healthy habits now to prevent things from going wrong? Not on the radar, huh? Well, how about beginning to tweak the little annoyances,… Read more »

Your Facial Features May or May Not Help “The Anti-Aging Process”

The years are flying by quickly, and although we should embrace our next birthday, do we have any options about the changes we see and the hereditary path that is laid out before us? There are many tell tale signs of aging!  Some changes you may accept gladly and others you’d like to reconsider, postpone or eliminate all together.   Here… Read more »

Help for Upper and Lower Lip Lines

An area that I discuss and treat frequently is the area around the mouth. Once we hit 25, our skin starts to thin. As this occurs, the circular lip muscle pulls in on this skin causing the vertical lines. These lines can be treated by injecting with one of several products  which can markedly improve… Read more »


We are born with a certain number of fat cells distributed throughout our body. As we age, the number of fat cells stays the same, but the amount stored in each fat cell varies. That explains why sometimes we have a tendency to add fullness in some places and not in others. The particular tendency… Read more »

Coffee Break by Jenn ………… “Get Ready for Summer”

I know I’m not alone when I say I’m ready for summer. My favorite season comes along with some prep to take my dry winter skin with new lines and wrinkles to a look that is summer ready. Living in New England the winter takes quite a toll on the overall appearance of our skin…. Read more »


We’re all looking forward to wearing our skirts, capris’ and sleeveless shirts again.  What we’re not looking forward to is shaving every day and dealing with razor bumps and unachievable stubble-free skin.  Yes, if you’ve been shaving for years you know exactly what I’m talking about.  No matter how fancy or expensive your razor is… Read more »

How to Look Younger Every Day

These steps for looking younger are a wonderful way to start, and a good way to refresh your look and maintain healthy skin.  If you would like help with your skin care program, consider scheduling a consultation with our Esthetician, Julie.  If you would like to know what the next step is in non-surgical or… Read more »

Treat Your Skin to the Gift of Clarification…by Julie Fortier

Does your skin look this good?  On the seacoast of New Hampshire and throughout New England, we strive to have healthy skin in all seasons. At Dr. Charles Gaudet’s office in Portsmouth, NH we realize that New Englanders are known for their healthy rosy wind blown cheeks and radiant snow skin glow.  The gift of clear skin is important to… Read more »

Review The Review….by Jenn

The majority of people won’t go to see a movie or visit a new restaurant unless they have read online reviews first. Life is so busy that for someone to take the time to write a review it’s worth the read. It isn’t just about the quality of the movie or the food at the… Read more »

To B or not to B……by Nancy

To Botox, or not to Botox: that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer with lines & wrinkles, The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles with a little Botox And by opposing end them. For who would bear the whips and scorns… Read more »

Remove the Signs of Summer Sun

Summer is over but the signs of summer are still with us.  Our tans are fading revealing brown spots, age spots, and a few more lines and wrinkles we never noticed before thanks to another wonderful sunny summer season.  The aging process continues as the seasons advance, but there are options to retaining glowing skin and keeping… Read more »

My Favorite Skin Care Products

Working in Portsmouth, NH for Dr. Charles Gaudet, I have access to all of the top of the line skin care products. I used to be pretty naïve about how to properly take care of my skin. What I didn’t realize is that I was doing my skin a great disservice by not researching good skin care. I… Read more »

Healthy Skin is Happy Skin

I truly love the profession of Esthetics! I have been in this industry for 15 years and never get bored of all there is to know and share about skincare, wellness and overall skin health.  Yes, all three are intertwined.  This profession isn’t just about beauty, it’s about looking and feeling your best through proper… Read more »

New Wrinkle Fillers Help You Look As Young As You Feel

When it comes to looking younger, there’s no denying that many of us on the Seacoast NH area are willing to invest in our appearance.  From face creams, make-up and hair color, to facial treatments and cosmetic surgery, we are all looking for ways to make ourselves look young and refreshed again.  Thank you for visiting Dr Gaudet Plastic Surgery, Portsmouth NH website! … Read more »