7 Solutions for Sagging Facial Skin….by Mary Cunningham


7 Solutions for Sagging Facial Skin

Feel like you’re pulling, tugging, or lifting every time you look in the mirror?
Here are seven ways to feel uplifted. 

1. Adjust Your Sleep
While we sleep, gravity and our pillows are at odds with our faces.  Likewise, you might have noticed new lines upon waking up.  This doesn’t create sagging, but the wrinkles can become permanent and more pronounced the more you smoosh your face as a side or stomach sleeper.  Either sleeping on your back or adopting a special pillow to counteract gravity will minimize the contact between your face and pillow, leaving it crease-free through the night.

2. Apply Sunscreen
UV rays break down collagen in the face.  We love collagen because it gives our skin its elasticity.  As we age, we gradually produce less collagen, but by applying sunscreen, even in the fall, we can preserve it as much as possible. And don’t forget your sunhat!

3. Facial Exercises
When we were younger, most of us couldn’t wait to shed “baby fat” that may have given us ample cheeks well into our teens.  Then suddenly, we’re wishing the exact opposite.  By our late 30s, some of us find ourselves missing a bit of the plumpness in our upper cheeks.  With the absence of fat, our cheeks may appear saggy.  According to Michael Edwards, MD, a past-president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, facial ecercises can build facial muscle to fill the sagging skin.  BUT those same movements may also create expression lines, which could become wrinkles.

4. Fillers
Juvederm’s Voluma is a short-chain hyaluronic acid injectable designed to recontour cheeks and lift facial tissue for a more youthful look.

5. Topical treatments
Retinols and prescription retinoids like Retin-A boost collagen production and remove dead skin cells, leaving skin plump and firm.  Bonus – these treatments also loosen clogged pores for beautiful skin all year round.

6. Nonsurgical Skin Tightening
Thanks to advancements in laser technology, skin can be tightened using heat pulsed through lasers, the heat, in turn, stimulating collagen production.  Since collagen production is correlated with age, younger patients usually respond better to the laser treatments.  Someone in their 60’s with substantial facial sagging due to loss of collagen and fat would achieve better results from a surgical procedure.

7.  Surgery
With all the amazing new technology, few procedures are as effective at reversing facial sagging as the facelift.  Sagging at mid-face at the jaw can be physically pulled back, and extra, loose skin removed to create a more youthful appearance.

A combination of lifestyle habits, age and genes creates the unique features of your skin today.  If you feel it’s not in an optimal state currently, these seven options (and combinations thereof) will go a long way to alleviate your saggy skin, and any worries you might be holding on to about it.  Time to get uplifted, in more ways than one!

 About the Author: Mary Cunningham
January 14, 2016  ASAPS Smart Beauty Guide

Mary Cunningham is a health and wellness writer and co-founder of the lifestyle site, Girl Around Town and travels regularly between New York, Austin and Houston. She loves speaking about the beauty we have inside and how to do the inner work to let that beauty radiate. Prior to leaving the corporate world to start her own company, Mary worked at the GRAMMYs in Los Angeles, before moving to Manhattan, where she joined Nokia’s Digital Music Department.