You Look Younger with a Tan – Fact or Fiction?…by Julie Fortier

Healthy GlowLiving in NH you would think that because we experience colder climates, Seacoast natives wouldn’t worry about over exposure to the sun. There is a staggering number of individuals who visit us at Dr. Gaudet Piscataqua Plastic Surgery and Skincare who do not realize that they are seeking treatments that will target such skin conditions that in fact have been caused from that big, beautiful, warm ball in the sky we call the SUN!

Think of it this way, most discolorations, pre-mature aging of the skin (crêpe appearance, age spots, wrinkles) that we were not born with are caused from exposure to the sun. It is a fact that In the past 40 years, the incidence of melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, has risen 800 percent among women ages 18 to 39, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. People who begin tanning before the age of 35 also have a 59 percent higher risk of melanoma, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. So there has to be a healthier way to look and feel great without the risks of extensive sun exposure.

I understand the desire to have a healthy, bronzy glow. Living in New England, let’s face it, the pasty white winter skin or even the sallow dingy look isn’t that becoming on most of us. I have great news! We can still achieve a beautiful glow without the unhealthy tanning that can burn, age and even cause diseases if we are not careful. Simple make-up techniques, great skincare products, self-tanners and air-brush tanning are a few quick and easy ways to enhance your look safely.
Elta MD UV Physical - Tinted Sunscreen
Make-Up Techniques and Skincare Products
: Exfoliating 2-3 times a week and applying a tinted sunscreen or moisturizer can balance out your skin tone adding a hint of a bronzy glow that gives your skin an instant lift. Also, try applying a nice bronze or tan colored blush to cheeks as well as a tiny bit to forehead and under chin.

Self-Tanners: There are so many wonderful, affordable self-tanners that you can purchase that will give your skin a nice, natural looking, bronzy glow.

Air-Brush Tanning: This is a very effective, immediate gratification treatment that must be done in a professional setting. If you do your research you can even find a spa/salon that will use a naturally derived organic solution. Once you request the shade you prefer, voila! within minutes you are completely tanned from head to toe.

So, the answer to the question originally proposed………….I’ll let you be the judge!

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