Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Focus on Skin Rejuvenation… by Julie

Fall is a time when we really begin to notice the sun damage left behind as our tans fade and our skin is exposed to cooler weather patterns. Hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles become more prominent as well as the appearance of sallow dullness due to build-up from sunscreens and dehydration caused from sun exposure.

How do we wake up those skin cells, diminish the discoloration and decrease the fine lines and wrinkles, you ask? Well, I have just the right combination of exfoliation, stimulation, hydration and vitamin infusion to help you achieve those rejuvenating, clarifying results you desire. 

Facial treatments are wonderful, but we recommend you advance your service by including a microdermabrasion or infra-red skin tightening with hydro-infusion or a stimulation peel. Ultimately, a combination of 2 or 3 of these treatments will heighten your experience and the overall health and appearance of your skin.  Call 603-431-5488 today to get more information about these services and much more!

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