The #1 Cosmetic Surgery Procedure Performed in the USA in 2015 Was….

Make Room Ladies - ASAPSIn 2015 the most sought after surgical procedure performed in the USA was Liposuction.  Brake the numbers down by gender and the # 1 procedure for men was Liposuction and the # 1 procedure for women was Liposuction. So the genders agree! A total of 396,048 liposuction procedures were preformed in 2015 alone.  It’s no wonder with the advent of all the various nip/tuck procedures available, liposuction is #1. Obviously, lots of people in our society are open to the prospect of having a little liposuction help and as the numbers show, both genders are having it done.
It’s talked about everywhere, and chances are, someone you know has it done too…its not taboo anymore.  So if you’ve been thinking about having a little Liposuction in-office surgery, it’s ok.  Just start talking about it with your family and friends and sit back and watch the excitement.  It’s a wonderful way to look better and feel better too!

2015 Top 5 Cosmetic Surgical Procedures for Women and Men:

Women:ASAPS Measuring waist2
#1   LIPOSUCTION (344,677)
#3   TUMMY TUCK (172,634)
#4   BREAST LIFT (148,967)
#5   EYELID SURGERY (139,012)

#1   LIPOSUCTION (51,370)Hair Removal - Man
#2   NOSE SURGERY (30,928)
#3   EYELID SURGERY (30,696)
#5   FACELIFT (13,726)

Best wishes for a happy & beautiful you!
Nancy, Office Manager

Statistical Data Source: The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery