Things We Tend NOT to do In The Summer… by Nancy

It’s the summer time when the living is easy….good times with family and friends, fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables, get-a-way vacation destinations, ocean and lake days and long evening walks. The summer is great and we all know that fall and winter are coming, which are equally beautiful, but there are things we tend… Read more »

Healthy Habits – Healthy Life

    The majority of us begin health conscience behaviors when we are faced with a health concern that sparks an interest in correcting what is wrong. What if we started some healthy habits now to prevent things from going wrong? Not on the radar, huh? Well, how about beginning to tweak the little annoyances,… Read more »

1) Awesome team

1) Awesome team 2) Very pleasant to talk 3) Very accommodating 4) Professional staff 5) Very knowledgeable with expert guidance ~ Windham, NH