Healthy Habits – Healthy Life



The majority of us begin health conscience behaviors when we are faced with a health concern that sparks an interest in correcting what is wrong. What if we started some healthy habits now to prevent things from going wrong? Not on the radar, huh? Well, how about beginning to tweak the little annoyances, like early morning back pain or anxiety about the day ahead by starting habits such as – 10 minutes of bed stretches while listening to a 10 minute morning meditation at the same time. If you could do that every day for 30 days do you think you’d begin to look and feel better about your day? The answer is YES!



Of course it is important to look and feel our best on the outside which is why we don’t mind taking the time to do our hair and make-up, accessorize and spend long periods of time picking out the perfect outfit. I’m just trying to stress the importance of paying just as much attention to what is going on within, because remember folks, whatever is happening on the inside has a direct result on what shows on the outside. 

So pick a day to begin, maybe a Monday or the first day of the month and start your first healthy habit. After 30 days add another one or two if you feel so inclined.  Have fun with it. Healthy + Fun = Happy 🙂

I’m excited for you and your new Healthy Habit Adventure!

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