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We are born with a certain number of fat cells distributed throughout our body. As we age, the number of fat cells stays the same, but the amount stored in each fat cell varies. That explains why sometimes we have a tendency to add fullness in some places and not in others. The particular tendency to store fat in one area but not another is inherited from our parents. Liposuction is an option for many people to address these sites, to help define contours, or improve your jaw line or waistline. It is also helpful in the chest and abdominal areas, flanks, thighs, arms and legs. Over the last 25 years, Liposuction has become one of the most requested plastic surgery procedure available. We have inherited a certain gene make-up, but if it bothers you, you don’t have to live with it….you can change it!

The Consultation:

We begin with a thorough medical history and physical examination to find out if you are a good candidate for Liposuction. We will then discuss the procedure, technique, operating time and recovery. It’s also nice to review before and after photos of patients who ‘had’ the same concerns you have.

The Procedure:

We start by marking the areas of your concern with a magic marking pen. The skin is then cleansed. Tiny incisions are made near the area involved. Fluid is then placed in the surgical area to fluff the fatty tissues, and insure your comfort with numbing solution. A surgical cannular is placed in the surgical site and fatty tissue is removed. This flattens the area and improves the contour.


After Liposuction, a compression garment is used to help the area heal by applying a gentle uniform pressure to the surgical site. You may take a shower within 24 hours to help you feel better. The exact healing time will vary from person to person, and can best be answered on an individual basis. There are a few tricks to healing quicker that we will share with you. If you follow our instructions, you can typically return to work in a few days. Some burning and swelling may persist for 1 – 3 weeks.


In the right hands, this is a simple, safe, office procedure. Fatty areas of fullness that have been bothering you for years can be changed in just a couple of hours. Always seek out a board certified Plastic Surgeon ensuring special training and certification. Also, members of The Aesthetic Society are board certified Plastic Surgeons who have done over one hundred cosmetic surgical cases. Dr Charles Gaudet has taken the time, thru advanced training and education, to obtain these qualifications and high standards. Now it’s safe and possible to get the desired look you want. Call 603-431-5488 for a consultation and start looking your best today.

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Coffee Break by Jenn ………… “Get Ready for Summer”

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I know I’m not alone when I say I’m ready for summer. My favorite season comes along with some prep to take my dry winter skin with new lines and wrinkles to a look that is summer ready.

Living in New England the winter takes quite a toll on the overall appearance of our skin. Luckily here at Dr Gaudet’s office we have everything you need to get ready for that special summer event.

Every year I have my pre-summer prep list and it starts with seeing our aesthetician Julie. My dry and dull winter skin could really use a pick me up and for that I like a classic facial with microdermabrasion followed by a hydrating collagen mask. Next up are injections with Dr Gaudet. Addressing the fine lines of the upper lip and adding just a bit of fullness with Juvederm Ultra Plus gives a more youthful appearance to the mouth area. Botox injected into the number 11’s, crow’s feet and forehead soften lines. Lastly Juvederm Voluma added to the cheeks to give the face a slight uplift and brings back natural looking contour.

I like to keep my skin looking great all summer long so I’m sure to cleanse my skin morning and night with ZO cleanser followed by Elta MD UV Clear tinted sunscreen for a healthy glow.

I really like to look and feel my best in the summer. It’s a short season with lots of social gatherings so why not treat yourself to a Pre Summer Prep.

Jennifer Gibbs
Patient Care Coordinator
Dr Charles Gaudet
Piscataqua Plastic Surgery and Skin Care
330 Borthwick Avenue
Suite 206
Portsmouth, NH 03801
ph: 603-431-5488
fx: 603-369-4623

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No matter the age, gender, race or ethnicity, consenting adults are doing it…and loving it!

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Age defying non-surgical options for 21 ~ 65+

“Botox and wrinkle fillers” have been around forever, are being used more than ever, and are here to stay.  Millions of dollars are spent each year on non-invasive procedures that require little-to-no down time with big beautiful results. It’s not just something you talk about anymore.  It’s happening on a global scale and each year the industry, market and users grow exponentially. It’s all about the face. You want to look your best, and no matter what age, you want to soften or slow down the signs of aging.   If it’s an option, we want to know about it and try it.  Products like Botox, Dysport, Juvederm Voluma, Ultra Plus, Volbella, Vollure, Radiesse and Belotero have made a lot of people very happy.   To eliminate frown lines between the eyebrows that get deeper and deeper, forehead wrinkles that increase with each passing year, crows feet that use to be barely noticeable aging your beautiful eyes, upper and lower lip wrinkles that really age your expressive lips, smile lines that aren’t cute anymore, and the list goes on and on. 

Most people in the know are fully aware of the benefits of these products and use them because they work.  If you’re reading this and saying to yourself…what is this all about.. give us a call at 603-431-5488. 
We will be happy to help you thru the maze of beautiful choices.  It’s nice to have options!

Best wishes,
Office Manager
Charles J. Gaudet, MD, FACS
Piscataqua Plastic Surgery and Skin Care
330 Borthwick Avenue, Suite 206
Portsmouth, NH   03801


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We’re all looking forward to wearing our skirts, capris’ and sleeveless shirts again.  What we’re not looking forward to is shaving every day and dealing with razor bumps and unachievable stubble-free skin.  Yes, if you’ve been shaving for years you know exactly what I’m talking about.  No matter how fancy or expensive your razor is you just can’t get smooth, hairless skin or if you’re like me and have sensitive skin shaving can leave red, irritated sometimes painful razor bumps. There are several ways to achieve smooth, hair-free skin for more than just a couple of days.  Some techniques are short-term while others are permanent.  If you’ve ever wondered what would work best for you take a look at the following options and determine what would be most beneficial.

-These are light based technologies that target and destroy hair cells without harming surrounding skin.
-Generally will require between 5-12 treatments.
-Works best on darker hair
-Permanent method of hair removal for most skin types
-Will not target extremely light, gray or white hair
-Treatments are 4 weeks apart
-Treatments are quick and clean to already shaven skin
-Minimal discomfort

When deciding if you want to start waxing unwanted hair it’s good to have the following information:
-There are 2 types of waxes – Hard wax (for sensitive areas and sensitive skin) and Strip or Soft wax (for stubborn hair and larger areas such as backs or legs)
-Expect your hair to grow back within 4 weeks
-Hair growth should be at least ¼ inch in length before waxing
-After many consistent waxing treatments to the same area, hair may begin to grow finer and more sparse.
-Minimal to Moderate discomfort

-An electrologist uses a disposable, sterile needle to deliver a small amount of electrical current to destroy each individual hair follicle.
-Permanent method of hair removal for all skin types and hair colors
-Electrolysis requires a series of treatments. The number of treatments varies by client and is dependent on factors such as hair growth cycle, density and coarseness of the hair -Treatments are extensive
-Moderate discomfort

At Piscataqua Plastic Surgery and Skin Care we have been servicing clients for many years with the latest technologies in IPL Permanent Hair Removal. Schedule your complimentary consultation today to learn more about your options and what is best for you. Regardless of your hair removal preference, it’s time to have some fun in the sun.

Happy Spring Everyone!

Julie Fortier
Licensed Esthetician
Charles J. Gaudet, MD, FACS
Piscataqua Plastic Surgery and Skin Care
330 Borthwick Avenue, Suite 206
Portsmouth, NH   03801
W:  603-431-5488
F:   603-369-4623


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How to Look Younger Every Day

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These steps for looking younger are a wonderful way to start, and a good way to refresh your look and maintain healthy skin.  If you would like help with your skin care program, consider scheduling a consultation with our Esthetician, Julie.  If you would like to know what the next step is in non-surgical or surgical facial rejuvenation, consider scheduling a consultation with Charles J. Gaudet, MD, Board Certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon at Piscataqua Plastic Surgery and Skin Care.  Please visit us at our beautiful office located in Portsmouth, NH.  Dr. Gaudet and Julie will consult with you to determine the best cosmetic procedure or service that will unleash your youthful glow and enhance your natural vitality and appearance. 

When it comes to looking younger, there is no denying that we are all interested in looking and feeling our best.  We want to look natural and refreshed.  Cosmetic plastic surgery is the gold standard in achieving superior results.  When you look in the mirror and want to address some to the changes you see, there are a number of options, techniques, procedures, services and products you can use to improve upon your natural beauty.  Whether you want to look your best for a special occasion or address some of the daily changes “Father Time” has gifted you, we have some tips to help you thru the maze of products, services and procedures available.

Radiant Skin

Your skin will be one of the first things to show signs of aging.  Crows feet, wrinkles and fine lines are tell-tale signs of the aging process.  Fortunately there are a number of things you can do to promote a youthful look.  To begin, you will want to establish a routine of cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and exfoliating.  Be sure to choose a system of products that has been personalized to your skin type.  We recommend Dr. Zein Obagi’s “ZO” Skin Health Products.  We also carry NeoStrata and Elta MD products to compliment our ZO skin care products.   Our Esthetician can adapt a program to your skin type and needs.

Beautiful Eyes

If your eyes are the window to your soul, you don’t want them to communicate that you are in desperate need of a nap.  To combat dark circles, consider using an excellent eye cream that lightens up the skin.  You may also benefit from tear trough injectable fillers to diminish dark circles.   Your sleeping habits may play into pre-mature aging.  Sleeping on your face increases unwanted wrinkles and crows feet.  Try to break your old habits and incorporate better sleep positions into your routine.  If you have inherited puffy upper and or lower eyelids, droopy skin and can barely see your upper eyelids, the next step to a youthful appearance would be Eyelid Surgery.  This is a simple office procedure that lasts for years and has excellent results which delivers a refreshed and natural youthful appearance.  A surgical consult is required to see if you would be a good candidate for this procedure.

Fabulous Face

Of course you will want to ensure that your face is looking as young as you feel.  That is why you should supplement your daily skin care program with regular facial treatments that exfoliate away dead skin, hydrate your skin an enhance your overall complexion.  Options include facials, hydrating infusion treatments, microdermabrasion, facial peels, spot treatments, skin brightening and skin tightening procedures, either performed alone or in combinations, depending on your skin’s needs and your desired outcome.  Once you start seeing wrinkle lines and overall changes to your face and neck, products such as Botox, Voluma, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Kybella, Radiesse Plus, and Belotero, can be used to fill in unwanted areas and reduce wrinkles lines around your forehead, crows feet, nose, cheeks, mouth, lips and chin areas.  Some of these injectables can also add lost volume to enhance your cheekbones and lips, reduce fat along the neck and rejuvenate your overall appearance.  Mini-Facelifts are the best and longest lasting option for treating facial rejuvenation, jowls, saggy skin of the face and neck, and so much more.  A Mini-facelift  can usually be performed in the office and it has excellent results.  A consultation is recommended to see if you are a good candidate for any of the options listed here. 

The First Step…..(603) 431-5488

If you have never had a facial skin care consultation, please let me invite you to our office for a complimentary facial skin care consultation with our Esthetician Julie.  Please mention this blog article and we will wave the initial consultation fee.  Now it is just a matter of investing some of your personal time to gain some insightful, professional, personalized information that will be very beneficial.   In exchange, we will be happy to invest our time in the first step to address a happier and more beautiful you.

Best wishes,
Office Manager
Charles J. Gaudet, MD, FACS
Piscataqua Plastic Surgery and Skin Care
330 Borthwick Avenue, Suite 206
Portsmouth, NH   03801

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Treat Your Skin to the Gift of Clarification…by Julie Fortier

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Does your skin look this good?  On the seacoast of New Hampshire and throughout New England, we strive to have healthy skin in all seasons. At Dr. Charles Gaudet’s office in Portsmouth, NH we realize that New Englanders are known for their healthy rosy wind blown cheeks and radiant snow skin glow.  The gift of clear skin is important to achieve in order to maintain that clear healthy skin complexion.

ZO Skin Health Has Two Non-retinol and Non-Hydroquinone Solutions to Address Hyperpigmentation 
ZO® Medical C-Bright 10% Vitamin C Serum and ZO® Medical Brightalive Non-Retinol Skin Brightener

ZO Skin Health has two products developed by Zein Obagi, MD, after years of research with powerful active ingredients to deliver improved skin benefits, encourage optimal skin health and deliver a brighter skin tone and smoother texture – C-Bright 10% Vitamin C Serum and Brightalive Non-Retinol Skin Brightener. “C-Bright 10% Vitamin C Serum delivers exfoliating and brightening benefits while inhibiting the formation of new pigmentation, while Brightalive – Non Retinol Brightener is the perfect prescription for patients who want to treat their hyperpigmentation without using hydroquinone or retinol.  The result is a more even brighter skin tone,” said James Headley (former CEO of ZO Skin Health). Both products are part of the ZO® Medical line which includes therapeutic skin health solutions.  Each helps patients achieve and optimize in-office results from the comfort of home.

ZO® Medical products are exclusively available through medical practices only.  At Piscataqua Plastic Surgery and Skin Care, we are happy to assist you with all your skin care questions and concerns and most definitely can lead you in the right direction toward the most appropriate skin health solutions. 603-431-5488

Julie Fortier/Lic.Esthetician
Charles J. Gaudet, MD, FACS
Piscataqua Plastic Surgery and Skin Care
330 Borthwick Avenue, Suite 206
Portsmouth, NH   03801
W:  603-431-5488
F:   603-369-4623

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Review The Review….by Jenn

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The majority of people won’t go to see a movie or visit a new restaurant unless they have read online reviews first. Life is so busy that for someone to take the time to write a review it’s worth the read. It isn’t just about the quality of the movie or the food at the restaurant, it’s about the overall experience. Was the ticket attendant at the movie theater knowledgeable about the movie and was the usher friendly and helpful?  Was the hostess at the restaurant warm with the greeting and was the wait staff attentive and make menu recommendations?  

All of these things make for the overall experience.

Why should choosing a plastic surgeon be any different?  After looking at the surgeon’s credentials including making sure that they are Board Certified read the patient reviews. What did they say about their overall satisfaction with the surgery?  How were they treated by the staff from the moment they made the first contact with the office to the final post op appointment? Were they guided along the way to help them make the best surgical choice(s)?

Plastic Surgery is a big decision and one that many of our patients tell us they had thought about for a very long time. We encourage all of our patients to go to our website Read what our patients are saying about Dr Gaudet and the staff here at Piscataqua Plastic Surgery and Skin Care, you might just read a review that speaks personally to you.

Jennifer Gibbs
Patient Care Coordinator
Dr Charles Gaudet
Piscataqua Plastic Surgery and Skin Care
330 Borthwick Avenue, Suite 206
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Work: 603-431-5488
Fax: 603-369-4623



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To B or not to B……by Nancy

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Approximately 10.9 million vials of BOTOX® Cosmetic have been sold in the United States since 2002, and millions of people have already made BOTOX® Cosmetic a part of what they do for themselves.
Today, BOTOX® Cosmetic is the #1 selling product of its kind in the world.
Data collected through June 2014….Allergan

Best wishes for a happy healthy you!
Office Manager



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Remove the Signs of Summer Sun

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Summer is over but the signs of summer are still with us.  Our tans are fading revealing brown spots, age spots, and a few more lines and wrinkles we never noticed before thanks to another wonderful sunny summer season.  The aging process continues as the seasons advance, but there are options to retaining glowing skin and keeping your skin in the best condition, not the best condition for YOUR age, but the best condition and healthy look YOU expect and want to maintain at any age.

To maintain we must have a good maintenance program.  There are lots of things available but I would like to emphasize the importance of an in-office chemical peel.  This treatment improves the skin’s ability to repair and renew for softer skin and a more even skin tone.  It eliminates some spots, minimizes pores and helps the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  I just had a ZO 3-Step Peel by our Esthetician Julie and I really love the results. I like to do a 3-Step Peel at the beginning of the winter once my tan fades.  It has a healing time of 5-7 days when you cannot wear makeup or exercise, NO sun and you look like you’ve had something done, so you may want to cancel your social plans.  After the peel your skin looks refreshed, some spots are gone, your skin is baby soft and you want more! peel There is only so much one peel can do, so the good news is, you can repeat this a few times a year.  Now I’m going to follow my peel with  IPL Skin Rejuvenation.  This should get rid of the remaining spots, target a few facial veins and leave my skin clear and clean.  The combination Peel and IPL looks fantastic!

The winter months are a wonderful time to target facial rejuvenation and there are lots of options.   Julie is wonderful at explaining all the options and getting great results.  Contact our office for a no obligation skin care consult with Julie, she’ll take very good care of you! 603-431-5488

Best wishes for a happy healthy you!

Office Manager



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My Favorite Skin Care Products

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jen-gibbsWorking in Portsmouth, NH for Dr. Charles Gaudet, I have access to all of the top of the line skin care products. I used to be pretty naïve about how to properly take care of my skin. What I didn’t realize is that I was doing my skin a great disservice by not researching good skin care.

I was in the mindset that treating my skin with “lotions and potions” was going to take a lot of time in the morning and be very expensive and not really see much of a difference. How much better could Physician grade products be? I was shocked at the difference in my skin over a thirty day period. Not only did I look less tired I noticed my skin had a healthy glow that I hadn’t seen since my teens. The products that I use are not any more expensive than what I was using before because I don’t need to buy them as often (a little goes a long way) and it doesn’t take additional time in the morning (no more than putting on eyeliner).

I want to share my personal favorites:

UV Clear by Elta MD: This sunscreen doesn’t disappoint. elta-md-uv-clear-nab-photo
Protecting your face with sunscreen is tricky so that you can still apply makeup or simply enjoy outdoor activities. This is the BEST product I have found. Its weightless protection with sheer coverage and it quickly absorbs so you don’t have that shiny look. I can apply my powder over it without waiting for it to dry like most other sunscreens. My favorite thing about this product though is the acne control. Since using this product my acne breakouts are few and far between where they used to be frequently. Less acne flare ups has boosted my self-esteem.


Bionic Eye Cream by Neostrata: I suffer from hereditary dark inner eye circles and was just about to give up when I found this gem. Not only does it diminish the darkness it lessens the appearance of crow’s feet.


ZO productsBrightenex by ZO: After spending a good deal of time at the beach on our beautiful NH Seacoast I’m often left with freckles. After using this product for a few weeks my freckles are much lighter and after six to eight weeks of use they are almost gone. My skin also looks brighter and has a more even texture.



The best way to find out what your skin needs is to call 603-431-5488 and make an appointment for a consultation with our Esthetician Julie Fortier and treat yourself to a facial as well.


Jennifer Gibbs
Patient Care Coordinator
Piscataqua Plastic Surgery and Skin Care



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Healthy Skin is Happy Skin

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healthy-happy-skin-julies-blog-article-10-24-2016I truly love the profession of Esthetics!
I have been in this industry for 15 years and never get bored of all there is to know and share about skincare, wellness and overall skin health.  Yes, all three are intertwined.  This profession isn’t just about beauty, it’s about looking and feeling your best through proper skincare and prevention as well.  There are many factors that come into play when assessing a client’s skin such as: nutrition, sleep habits and sun exposure to name a few.

My favorite saying “we are what we eat.”  With the skin being the largest organ of the body, we need to realize that what we eat can have a direct result on the appearance of our skin.  When we are not sleeping properly, or are experiencing high levels of stress, fatigue can reap havoc on our circulation which can cause imbalances to our skin such as acne.  Last, but not least, sun exposure without protection does not only age our skin at a rapid rate, it also can cause preventative skin cancers.

It’s important to have all areas addressed when visiting your local skincare professional to get the maximum benefits of your treatment.  My absolute favorite treatments are when I can target my client’s skin conditions while pampering him/her with massage and ambiance.  Relaxing them to decrease stress by combining spa wellness with clinical skincare, if possible.  Working in a doctor’s office can feel very clinical, which isn’t always relaxing, so giving my clients a “Spa” experience in a clinical setting is often a pleasant surprise!

Julie Fortier
Licensed Esthetician



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New Wrinkle Fillers Help You Look As Young As You Feel

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Juvederm Voluma When it comes to looking younger, there’s no denying that many of us on the Seacoast NH area are willing to invest in our appearance.  From face creams, make-up and hair color, to facial treatments and cosmetic surgery, we are all looking for ways to make ourselves look young and refreshed again.  Thank you for visiting Dr Gaudet Plastic Surgery, Portsmouth NH website!  We will try to help you sort out the right approach for you.

Cosmetic surgery can have superior results, but until you’re ready, there are a number of techniques you can use to look your best on a daily basis, for a special event or for any occasion. And of course, once you’ve had cosmetic surgery, such as a Mini-Facelift, you can enhance and maintain your surgery results by adding wrinkle fillers and IPL Skin Tightening Treatments to keep the look your looking for.  Wrinkle Fillers are products which can minimize and plump facial wrinkles.  They instantly add volume lost to aging cheeks, lips and facial lines.  They create contour and help define the apples of your cheeks, they add a subtle lift and fill in facial wrinkles.  The results are very natural looking.  These products are not permanent and will last a varied amount of time depending on which product is used and how long your body retains them.  New enhanced products such as Juvederm Voluma and Juvederm Ultra Plus can be used to lift, contour and fill different areas of the face to rejuvenate your overall appearance.  These wrinkle fillers are done in the office with little to no down time, and have an instant result.

You can obtain more information by coming into the office for a consultation.  Once you meet Dr Gaudet and discuss the areas you would like to see improved, he will go over your options and make recommendations specific to your needs.  Dr Gaudet is a board certified plastic surgeon and specializes in cosmetic surgery.  Dr Gaudet does the facial injections because he knows how important it is to give you the best results possible.  Your consultation is whatever you want it to be.  Some men and women want to come in and have the treatment when they have the consultation.  Some people like to come in and talk first. They like to find out all they can about the injections and then come back another day for the treatment.  We are here to help you and we want to give you all the information you need to make the right decision for you.
Call us….


Its a wonderful way to look as young as you feel.
Best wishes for a happy & beautiful YOU!
Nancy, Office Manager

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TEEN TALK… Julie Fortier, Esthetician

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As the mother of a teenage boy and being surrounded by teenage girls (10 nieces and daughters of friends) I feel there is, much more than ever, a stigma for these young ladies to achieve perfection in their appearance.  Now don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to know that generation Y has figured out that the 80’s hair styles are not as attractive as we once thought and neon doesn’t look great on everyone, however it’s important for us to teach our children (boys included) that judging a person by their initial attractiveness will sell them short in life.  We are all different and attractive in our own individual ways, holding a level of beauty that generally is not something you can always see at first.  Your teen should be having fun, focusing on school, sports, hobbies and friends.  They shouldn’t be worried about whether their nose is too big or their lips are not full enough.  With YouTube, Instagram and Facebook videos and selfies at an all-time high, it’s vital to continuously assure our teens they are wonderful just the way they are.  You may not think they are listening, but trust me………they are.


Julie Fortier/Licensed Esthetician
Charles J. Gaudet, MD, FACS
Piscataqua Plastic Surgery and Skin Care
330 Borthwick Avenue, Suite 206
Portsmouth, NH   03801
W:  603-431-5488
F:   603-369-4623



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Congratulations on Winning the Castle Connolly Top Doctor™ Award

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Top Doc 2016 Castle ConnollyEach year, Castle Connolly receives nearly 100,000 nominations via this process. Top Doctors are among the top 10-15% of physicians within their geographical region, as identified by Castle Connolly’s annual nationwide nomination survey, and are physician leaders within their communities and metropolitan areas.

Congratulations Dr Charles J. Gaudet on your tremendous achievement and on being honored as a Top Doctor! Your distinction as a Castle Connolly’s Top Doctor puts a well-deserved spotlight on your remarkable career!
Castle Connolly Medical Ltd



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The Facts About Skin Rejuvenation Through Corrective Wounding Method…by Julie

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treatment-areasHave you ever wondered why an individual would subject themselves to such treatments as Laser Skin Resurfacing, Microneedling, or Deep Dermal Peels that cause wounds to the skin resulting in several days of downtime?
The answer is “Corrective Wounding Method”.  The basic concept of corrective wounding is that in varying manners, they all wound the epidermal and/or dermal layer of the skin triggering a healing response that results in better looking skin.  The success of this technique is highly dependent on the body’s own ability to effectively heal the wound.  The body’s natural response to injury and stress is to revitalize the damaged area generally making it better and stronger than prior to the injury/stress. (Eric M. Kromps, skinBeautica, LLC)

There are a number of cosmetic procedures that promotes corrective healing:

Laser Treatments (Co2 or Fractional) – Energy based, laser technologies, using heat to destroy skin tissue being treated.  Such treatments could cause 7-14 days of downtime to allow the skin to heal.  The intention of this treatment is to promote collagen production, diminish the appearance of fine to moderate lines and improve overall skin tone and appearance.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Intense Pulsed Light– Similar to laser devices with the exception that they use noncoherent, polychromatic light selectively destroying skin tissue. (Eric M. Kromps)  Specifically targeting pigmented and vascular areas on the face, neck and chest.  Often there is no downtime with this treatment however if the patient is experiencing a significant amount of pigmented tissue or highly visible vessels, darkening of the pigment and bruising could occur for up to 3-10 days following treatment.

Radio Frequency Devices – Electrical current generating heat into the skin tissue promoting collage production, skin tightening and in some cases melting fat cells.  When instructions for post treatment are followed correctly there typically is no downtime, however, minimal soreness to the treated area could linger approximately 3-7 days following treatment.

Chemical PeelsChemical Peel – This is a skin rejuvenation method that induces a chemical burn on the outer layers of the skin.  The chemical agent applied requires a specific technique to determine how deep the penetration to destroy the skins cells.  This causes inflammation at the epidermal, dermal or papillary skin layers.  (Erik M. Kromps) This treatment could be at a micro-level causing no downtime or at moderate to deeper levels causing minimal – moderate downtime.  The skin could potentially peel 3-14 days depending on the depth of the peel.

Microdermabrasion – This device uses a light mechanical abrasion to create partial ablation of the skin at the epidermal level.  This treatment balances skin tone and softens fine lines as well as stimulates circulation waking up the skin cells.  Often used as a treatment to clear acne and diminish the appearance of acne scarring.  There is no downtime with this treatment.

Microneedling – This procedure uses a device developed with fine needles with the intent to puncture the skin creating a controlled skin injury.  The body automatically is triggered to produce new collagen an elastin filling in the holes.  This procedure does not remove the outer layer of skin.

I hope this blog was helpful in answering some questions you may have about the many rejuvenating skin treatments being offered today.  I think when deciding which treatment is best for you, sitting down with a professional skin care provider and going over all your options based on skin type, specific conditions and concerns is the safest way to come to a proper decision.  We are always happy to help!

Julie Fortier
Medically Trained Esthetician
Piscataqua Plastic Surgery and Skin Care
330 Borthwick Avenue, Suite 206
Portsmouth, NH   03801

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Mini-Facelift for a Natural, Refreshed Look

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facial rejuvenation

Dr. Charles J. Gaudet has perfected the In-Office Mini-Facelift procedure which has delighted many happy patients, both men and women.  Below he discusses some patient comments and reflects on numerous mini-facelift consultations. If you are interested in the fine art of rejuvenating facial features, naturally, safely, with minimum down time and expense, visit Dr. Gaudet’s office, located on New Hampshire’s pretty seacoast, in Portsmouth, NH.  Please don’t hesitate to write Dr. Gaudet with any questions, concerns or insights.
Thank you for visiting our website.
Please take a look around while you’re here!
We have a number of patient testimonials under the mini-facelift tab, on the brown line at the top of this page.
Office Manager

Mini-Facelift for a Natural, Refreshed Look
by Charles J. Gaudet, MD, FACS

During our mini-facelift consultation, most of our patients will sit across from me, look into the mirror, then place their fingers to either side of their face, just in front of their ears and lift up just the right amount to see their jowls reduce and the neck contour improve.  “That’s all I want” they announce.  And typically, that is what is possible in a mini-facelift.

A mini-facelift is a procedure which can be performed under local anesthesia (or general if you prefer), usually taking around 2 hours to accomplish these goals.  Incisions are placed in a crease under the chin, and in the crease in front of and behind the ears.  The result is a natural refreshed appearance, with neck contour restored and the jowls greatly diminished.

A consultation ahead of time is necessary.  During that meeting, most patients share that they do not want to appear like their face is in a wind tunnel or look like the “Joker”.  I can assure you, this procedure will leave you looking refreshed and natural appearing, not forced or synthetic.  READ MORE AND SEE BEFORE-AFTER PHOTOS HERE!

Charles J. Gaudet, MD, FACS
Piscataqua Plastic Surgery and Skin Care
330 Borthwick Ave, Suite 206
Portsmouth, NH   03801

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Eyelid Surgery by Jenn

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Jenn's Coffee Break

Are your eyelids acting like blinders? Do people tell you that you look tired even when you slept great the night before?  Do you find yourself lifting your eyebrows when you look in the mirror? If you answered yes to any of these questions then it’s probably time to make an appointment for a consultation with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Charles Gaudet, in beautiful Portsmouth, NH and find out what your options are.


Upper Eyelid Surgery or Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure to remove excess skin of the upper eyelids and to reduce puffiness or “bags” of the lower eyelids.

The surgery is most often done in the comfort of our office with local anesthesia to “numb” the area.  General anesthesia is also an option and that surgery would take place at the Stratham Ambulatory Surgery Center.  We will work with you to find the right option and the right solution for you.

The best place to start is with a consultation.  Dr. Gaudet will go over all your options with you as will as how the procedure is performed.  We also have before and after photos in our office and a few on our website ( of happy patients that you can look through.

I had Upper Eyelid surgery done with Dr. Gaudet in 2009 and I’m still thrilled with my results.  Before having the surgery, my upper lids were very puffy and drooped quite a bit especially toward the end of the day.  When I looked in the mirror I saw a very aged and tired reflection.  Since the surgery, the reflection is rejuvenated.  Friends and family were amazed at my results.  The change wasn’t only in my appearance but in my overall mood as well.

Our face tells a story when we meet people, why not make it a “best seller”!

For more information on Eyelid Surgery or to make an appointment call or email me
603-431-5488 &

Patient Care Coordinator
Charles J. Gaudet, M.D.
Piscataqua Plastic Surgery and Skin Care
330 Borthwick Avenue, Suite 206
Portsmouth, NH 03801
W: 603-431-5488

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Tried and Tested – I Pumped Up The Voluma! by Jenny Isenman

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…..I have to be honest, this was actually something I’d considered a long time ago, but put off for years under the assumption that filler is the true line between a little tweak here and there (which is what young people do) and committing to a life of plastic surgery and upkeep (which is what Cher does).  That said, I truly feel that some wrinkles add a little character, while folds and jowls make you look more like a character from a cartoon….an old one.  My cheeks that were once apple-y and easy to find for the purpose of applying blush, had sunken into my face and were beginning to fall past my jawline like Droopy Dog (I told you cartoon-like).  It was time.

I went to see my board-certified plastic surgeon who I often use for advice in my columns because he’s pretty awesome.  He agreed that some filler in my mid cheeks would pull up some of the sag and lift away some of the marionette lines around my mouth.  He suggested Voluma XC (by Allergan), which is the newest filler on the block.  It’s easy to add to, easy to manipulate, and its base is hyaluronic acid, which means it can be dissolved if need be.  I may seem brave, but I’m too big of a wuss to go with something that can’t be removed.Juvederm

My face immediately looked younger and fuller, and I truly mean that.  I was so thrilled that I skipped out the door……
My cheeks were fuller but not obvious.  My face looked a lot younger, but not blatantly so.  Like maybe I got a great haircut or found a fabulous new BB (Beauty Balm) cream or was using tacks to hold my skin up?  No one knew for sure.

Nancy:  I did not list Jenny’s entire article in this blog. Jenny wrote this article for the ASAPS SmartBeauty Guide, September 29, 2014 but it still holds true. Many of our clients tell us similar and wonderful stories everyday and I wanted to share a little bit of this excitement with you today.  Many things in life are complicated, but this is simple, with good-looking results, in just one office visit.  If you’re interested, just come in and we can talk about it…you do not have to buy or feel pressured to do anything. This will be fun!  Mention you read this blog article and you won’t even have to pay the $100 consultation fee.
Just say…Nancy said we could talk about it   603-431-5488

Best wishes for a happy & beautiful you!
Nancy, Office Manager




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The #1 Cosmetic Surgery Procedure Performed in the USA in 2015 Was….

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Make Room Ladies - ASAPSIn 2015 the most sought after surgical procedure performed in the USA was Liposuction.  Brake the numbers down by gender and the # 1 procedure for men was Liposuction and the # 1 procedure for women was Liposuction. So the genders agree! A total of 396,048 liposuction procedures were preformed in 2015 alone.  It’s no wonder with the advent of all the various nip/tuck procedures available, liposuction is #1. Obviously, lots of people in our society are open to the prospect of having a little liposuction help and as the numbers show, both genders are having it done.
It’s talked about everywhere, and chances are, someone you know has it done too…its not taboo anymore.  So if you’ve been thinking about having a little Liposuction in-office surgery, it’s ok.  Just start talking about it with your family and friends and sit back and watch the excitement.  It’s a wonderful way to look better and feel better too!

2015 Top 5 Cosmetic Surgical Procedures for Women and Men:

Women:ASAPS Measuring waist2
#1   LIPOSUCTION (344,677)
#3   TUMMY TUCK (172,634)
#4   BREAST LIFT (148,967)
#5   EYELID SURGERY (139,012)

#1   LIPOSUCTION (51,370)Hair Removal - Man
#2   NOSE SURGERY (30,928)
#3   EYELID SURGERY (30,696)
#5   FACELIFT (13,726)

Best wishes for a happy & beautiful you!
Nancy, Office Manager

Statistical Data Source: The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery


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Most Common Non-Surgical Procedures For Gen Xers (We won’t grow old without a fight) – By Jenny Isenman

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January 11, 2016 /ASAPS Smart Beauty Guide –

I recently wrote about the most common surgical procedures for Gen Xers, with my personal take on why. This got me thinking about the prevalence of non-surgical procedures we Gen Xers seem to gravitate towards.  I am no stranger to many items on the list.  Why?  Because they are less expensive ways to maintain some of the youth (AKA volume, elasticity and evenness) that I feel like I went to bed with one evening and woke up without the next day.  I know I am not alone.  It seems like age snuck up on all of us and now we’re out there trying to undo the damage we did when we believed ingesting the fumes from a billowing cloud of Solarcane was simply part of a simple fix for the over-exposure we got putting on SPF 4 and calling it “sunblock.”
Our generation is getting over 40% of all surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures combined, which is probably a sign that we simply want to look the way we feel.
These are the top non-surgical cosmetic procedures we Gen Xers age 35-50 are opting for – according to the 2014 Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank and The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Women age 35-50 who had procedures in 2014

1. Botulinum Toxin (including Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) 1,555,054  43%
(*Nancy: Update – 2015 ASAPS Statistics = 1,954,400  45.8%)
I’m a fan and clearly, I’m not alone.  A small amount can go a long way in diminishing lines.  Though this stuff is everywhere, be sure to use highly trained professionals.  Too much or poor injecting practices can make you look, evil, droopy and frozen.

2. Hyaluronic Acid fillers (incl. Juvederm Ultra, Ultra Plus, Voluma, Perlane, Restylane, Belotero) 670,293  39.5% (*Nancy: Update – 2015 ASAPS Statistics = 830,280  38.6%)
Yep, I’m a fan of these as well.  There are so many users for these plumpers and re-volumizers.  Your goal should be to simply fill in areas where you’ve lost volume.  That should set back the hands of time a bit and also help smooth other areas of your face and neck by tightening the skin in the area.

3. Hair Removal (laser or pulsed light) 372,137  44.9%
(*Nancy: Update – 2015 ASAPS Statistics = 392,546  34.5%)
This is definitely on my list.  Whether you’re tired of shaving or simply tired of finding hair growing in places you didn’t expect it to grow, this is a go-to for many Xers.  It’s easy, cost effective and should last.  Like we have extra time to shave anyway?!

ASAPS - Smart Beauty Guide Logo - full face4. Chemical Peel 169,567  35%
(*Nancy: Update – 2015 ASAPS Statistics = 213,517  35.4%)
A less pricy (and yes, often less potent) alternative to lasers, chemical peels can be a great way to slough off dull dead skin, diminish fine lines and discoloration and leave your skin with a fresh healthy glow.  Depending on the grade – you can get anything from a minimal change like a treatment of surface acne to treatment of deeper wrinkles and darker spots….

5. Sclerotherapy 143,475  45.4%
(*Nancy: Update – 2015 ASAPS Statistics = 140,813  43.7%)
If you speak with any woman who had spider veins, she’ll probably tell you that they are the bane of her existence.  Who doesn’t want their legs to look less like google maps and more like Heidi Klum?  I mean to me, this is a no brainer – and clearly it is to a ton of other Xers.  Yes, there are lots of needles, but as evidenced above, we aren’t afraid of a poke or two.

6. Microdermabrasion 140,523  33.7%
(*Nancy: Update – 2015 ASAPS Statistics = 209,204  37.5%)
Like the chemical peel, this procedure sloughs off dead skin cells.  However, with microdermabrasion, the skin removed is a superficial layer.  This is an exfoliating treatment that can be done regularly and used to extend time between lasers and peels – it can help clear up acne and remove excess dirt from pores (which for some reason seems to be more of an issue in my 40’s then it was in my adolescence).  Though offered at tons of spas, you should consider doing microdermabrasion with a pro, as the wand should be sterilized as if it were a surgical instrument.

7. Photo Rejuvenation (IPL) 128,318  34.6%
(*Nancy: Update – 2015 ASAPS Statistics = 193,560  40.1%)
The Intense Pulsed Light photo-facial seems to be a big hit with the 35-50 crowd.  And why not? At 35 our doctors are telling us those adorable “freckles” are actually called “age spots,” which lacks that cutesy connotation.  Our skin is thinning and we are able to see the damaged capillaries and redness on the surface.  This laser can not only reduce discoloration and hyperpigmentation, it can improve the texture of skin by promoting the production of collagen.  I haven’t done it yet, but the list is ever-growing.

Clearly, we Gen Xers are in the know and ready to take the necessary steps to combat the evil forces or time and gravity…..

(* Nancy: The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – ASAPS – recently came out with 2015 Statistics which are listed above.  If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Julie, our medically trained, licensed Esthetician for lots more details.  Julie is a wealth of knowledge and loves what she does.  She would love to help you decide the best options for you:

Best wishes for a happy & beautiful YOU!
Nancy, Office Manager


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You Look Younger with a Tan – Fact or Fiction?…by Julie Fortier

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Healthy GlowLiving in NH you would think that because we experience colder climates, Seacoast natives wouldn’t worry about over exposure to the sun. There is a staggering number of individuals who visit us at Dr. Gaudet Piscataqua Plastic Surgery and Skincare who do not realize that they are seeking treatments that will target such skin conditions that in fact have been caused from that big, beautiful, warm ball in the sky we call the SUN!

Think of it this way, most discolorations, pre-mature aging of the skin (crêpe appearance, age spots, wrinkles) that we were not born with are caused from exposure to the sun. It is a fact that In the past 40 years, the incidence of melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, has risen 800 percent among women ages 18 to 39, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. People who begin tanning before the age of 35 also have a 59 percent higher risk of melanoma, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. So there has to be a healthier way to look and feel great without the risks of extensive sun exposure.

I understand the desire to have a healthy, bronzy glow. Living in New England, let’s face it, the pasty white winter skin or even the sallow dingy look isn’t that becoming on most of us. I have great news! We can still achieve a beautiful glow without the unhealthy tanning that can burn, age and even cause diseases if we are not careful. Simple make-up techniques, great skincare products, self-tanners and air-brush tanning are a few quick and easy ways to enhance your look safely.
Elta MD UV Physical - Tinted Sunscreen
Make-Up Techniques and Skincare Products
: Exfoliating 2-3 times a week and applying a tinted sunscreen or moisturizer can balance out your skin tone adding a hint of a bronzy glow that gives your skin an instant lift. Also, try applying a nice bronze or tan colored blush to cheeks as well as a tiny bit to forehead and under chin.

Self-Tanners: There are so many wonderful, affordable self-tanners that you can purchase that will give your skin a nice, natural looking, bronzy glow.

Air-Brush Tanning: This is a very effective, immediate gratification treatment that must be done in a professional setting. If you do your research you can even find a spa/salon that will use a naturally derived organic solution. Once you request the shade you prefer, voila! within minutes you are completely tanned from head to toe.

So, the answer to the question originally proposed………….I’ll let you be the judge!

Julie Fortier/Licensed Esthetician
Charles J. Gaudet, MD, FACS
Piscataqua Plastic Surgery and Skin Care
330 Borthwick Avenue, Suite 206
Portsmouth, NH   03801
W:  603-431-5488
F:   603-369-4623

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Refreshing Views on Surgery, Skin Care and Treatments…by Nancy

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Dr. Gaudet has a very refreshing view of cosmetic surgery, skin care and current day treatments available for skin rejuvenation.  We are located in Portsmouth, NH but I don’t think the subject or options available are any different if you’re on the NH seacoast or anywhere else.  Dr Gaudet is a board certified plastic surgeon and a member of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.  I noticed an article on the ASAPS website by Mary Cunningham, January 14, 2016.  Mary travels regularly between New York, Austin and Houston, which supports the fact that we all share similar interests in the areas of cosmetic surgery and aging………..I’ve listed Mary’s article here…..enjoy:

7 Solutions for Sagging Facial Skin
by Mary Cunningham, January 14, 2016 – ASAPS Smart Beauty Guide

Feel like you’re pulling, tugging, or lifting every time you look in the mirror?
Here are 7 was to feel uplifted.

1. Adjust Your Sleep
While we sleep, gravity and our pillows are at odds with our faces.
Likewise, you might have noticed new lines upon waking up.  This doesn’t create sagging, but the wrinkles can become permanent and more pronounced the more you smoosh your face as a side or stomach sleeper.  Either sleeping on your back or adopting a special pillow to conteract gravity will minimize the contact between your face and pillow, leaving it crease-free through the night.

2. Apply Sunscreen
UV Rays break down collagen in the face. We love collagen because it gives our skin its elasticity.  As we age, we gradually produce less collagen, but by applying sunscreen, even in the fall, we can preserve it as much as possible.  And don’t forget your sunhat!

3. Facial Exercises
multi-generation-cosmeticWhen we were younger, most of us couldn’t wait to shed “baby fat” that may have given us ample cheeks well into our teens.  Then suddenly, we’re wishing the exact opposite.  By our late 30’s, some of us find ourselves missing a bit of the plumpness in our upper cheeks.  With the absence of fat, our cheeks may appear saggy.  According to Michael Edwards, MD, immediate past president of the ASAPS, facial exercises can build facial muscle to fill the sagging skin.
BUT those same movements may also create expression lines,
which could become wrinkles.

4. Fillers
Juvederm’s Voluma is a short-chain hyaluronic acid injectable designed to recontour cheeks and lift facial tissue for a more youthful look.
(Nancy: This is an excellent product that many of our clients ~men and women~ are currently using thanks to Dr Gaudet’s great injectable techniques.)

5. Topical Treatments
Retinols and prescription retinoids like Retin-A boost collagen production and remove dead skin cells, leaving skin plump and firm.  Bonus – these treatments also loosen clogged pores for beautiful skin all year round.
(Nancy: Contact Julie, our certified medically trained Aesthetician.  She will advise the best product for you and your skin.  Mention this blog article for a FREE skin consult.)

6. Nonsurgical Skin Tightening
Thanks to advancements in laser technology, skin can be tightened using heat pulsed through lasers, the heat, in turn, stimulating collagen production.  Since collagen production is correlated with age, younger patients usually respond better to the laser treatments.  Someone in their 60’s with substantial facial sagging due to loss of collagen and fat would achieve better results from a surgical procedure.
(Nancy: We have an IPL (Intensed Pulse Light) Icon machine that is similar to a laser but not as destructive…and it has nice results.)

7. Surgery
With all the amazing new technology, few procedures are as effective at reversing facial sagging as the facelift.  Sagging at mid-face at the jaw can be physically pulled back, and extra loose skin removed to create a more youthful appearance.
(Nancy:  Dr Gaudet has perfected the Office-Mini-Facelift….a shorter simpler procedure with wonderful results, which can be done in the comfort of our office.)

A combination of lifestyle habits, age and genes creates the unique features of your skin today.  If you feel it’s not in an optimal state currently, these seven options (and combinations thereof) will go a long way to alleviate your saggy skin, and any worries you might be holding on to about it.  Time to get uplifted, in more ways than one!

(Nancy: if you have any questions or like some of the suggestions listed here, call us at 603-431-5488…it’s nice to have options.)

Best wishes for a happy & beautiful YOU!
Nancy, Office Manager

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Jenn’s Coffee Break: ” Take Charge”

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Jenn's Coffee BreakEver notice that the people that tell us to “take charge” of our lives are usually the same ones that question our choices?  Society tells us to “take care of ourselves” which means a good career, healthy lifestyle and mental clarity.  Often times when we do any of those things they are followed by unsolicited advice and scrutiny.

I will use my life as an example (grab a cup of coffee, you may need it). In my twenties I chose a career path in medicine as the head medical administrative assistant at a family practice office located in Pittsfield, NH.  My Mom asked if that was really as far as I wanted to go in life.  Really?  This coming from a woman that dreaded going to work every day because she hated her job.  I told her I really liked my job and looked forward to going because at the end of the day I always felt as thought I had in some way made a difference.  She didn’t get it and even though the a career I chose has served me well over the past twenty eight years many question my choice.

Ten years ago I began working for Dr Gaudet here in beautiful Portsmouth, NH and as a result was able to achieve a position as the Patient Care Coordinator.  My knowledge in the medical field has only expanded and I enjoy this position even more than the one in family practice which I didn’t think was possible.

Here is another example.  Whenever there is a fluctuation in weight friends and family feel compelled to ask if we are eating healthy and what are we doing for exercise.  When we tell them going to the gym a few times a week and eating a balanced diet they want to know what gym and what are we eating.  If we tell them (heaven forbid) that time is limited so the diet and gym time have slipped, we hear “take charge of your life, nobody else will”.

My point is simply this.  You won’t ever please everybody by “taking charge” of your life simply because that phrase means something different to everyone.  When I choose to have cosmetic surgery and injections to make me feel better I don’t ask anyone’s permission and refuse to listen to the “negative talkers”.

When someone asks why you are having a cosmetic procedure, tell them you are “taking charge” and be the BEST YOU that you can possibly be.

I would love to hear from you and welcome any and all comments.

Patient Care Coordinator
Charles J. Gaudet, M.D., FACS
Piscataqua Plastic Surgery and Skin Care
330 Borthwick Avenue, Suite 206
Portsmouth, NH  03801

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Wishing Everyone a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving Holiday!

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“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy;
they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”
– Marcel Proust

In the spirit of this Thanksgiving Season, we would like to thank our wonderful patients for sharing their lives with us! We are very grateful for the commitment, love and support from our patients, community, family and friends.

Dr. Gaudet, Traci, Jennifer, Julie and Nancy
Piscataqua Plastic Surgery and Skin Care


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Jenn’s Coffee Break: Beauty and Social Media on the Seacoast

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Jenn's Coffee BreakIt’s interesting that when a friend shares on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. that they have lost weight, changed their hair color or got their nails done, they don’t follow it up with feeling as though by doing any of them is vanity driven.  Why then if we decide to have plastic surgery do we feel the need to justify it not only to ourselves, but to all our friends in our social circle?
In a world where we post everything about ourselves for the world to see from our false eyelash mascara to our Portsmouth spray tan, why is it so taboo to accept that some of us enhance ourselves with plastic surgery.  For me personally, my friends and family are accepting of the fact that I highlight my hair, spray tan, wear false eyelashes, always wear lip gloss, whiten my teeth and own more shoes and boots than anyone should.  Nobody ever says that I am vain when the above is posted on social media.  I actually get just the opposite such as “I love your hair that color”, “your spray tan looks so natural, where did you go Portsmouth”, “nice boots, did you get them in Rye, how much did they cost” and on and on.  When people find out that I was planning to have  surgery with Dr Gaudet, or had plastic surgery already, I have heard “you don’t need it”, “aren’t you pretty enough”, “age gracefully”.
My argument is simple really.  If I wish to enhance myself so that I feel more confident does it really matter what route I take to get the end result?  If it makes me vain that I get my lips filled so my lip gloss has something to sit on or having liposuction of my abdomen so my clothes fit better because the hundreds of crunches I do every week weren’t quite cutting it, then so be it.
Plastic surgery is most often a very emotionally charged experience.  Why do we make it so difficult for the person deciding to undergo a breast augmentation they have desired for years?  At the end of the day, the very last reason on the long list of reasons for having surgery is vanity.
Since social media is here to stay, lets change the way we interact with each other when it involves body enhancement, even if it is something as simple as Botox for that scowl line you hate (most likely caused by stress).  Let’s congratulate and encourage rather than pass judgement.  We only travel this road once and I plan to touch up the paint on this car at the first sign of rust and post the picture with pride.
Now when it comes to posting pictures of every meal you eat that is a totally different story.  I would love to hear from you and welcome any and all comments.

Patient Care Coordinator
Charles J. Gaudet, M.D., FACS
Piscataqua Plastic Surgery and Skin Care
330 Borthwick Avenue, Suite 206
Portsmouth, NH  03801

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Networking and Opportunities

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09-24-2015 Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce - Business After Dark at Grill 28We are proud to be members of the Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber does an excellent job bringing companies and individuals together.  Throughout our membership, we have attended various classes, meetings and posh sponsored events.  It’s such a pleasure to network with so many local professionals, share ideas, ideals and common interests.  The Chamber is not exclusive.  All are welcome to join, share and grow as vital resources in an expanding community.


Grill 28 and Pease Golf Course sponsored their 4th Annual Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce, Business After Hours Event on Thursday 09-24-2015.  It was a fun evening with delectable hors d’ouerves, signature drinks, live music, a photo booth, lots of networking opportunities and lots lots more.  Above is a photo of Traci, me and Julie, in the photo booth.  A personal thank you to Michelle with TAPSNAP PHOTOtainment for a wonderful experience with your high tech PHOTOtainment System.
– Nancy, Office Manager, Piscataqua Plastic Surgery and Skin Care


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Rejuvenate Your Look with a Mini-Facelift

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facial rejuvenationAnother season passes, and just like the changes of the season, we like to rejuvenate our appearance, improve our skin and make the transition from summer to fall. Let’s take a look at the difference between a Mini-Facelift and a Full-Facelift. If you currently do fillers and want more results, or if you’ve never done anything and want the best results possible for the best price available….consider a mini or full-facelift. Both can offer a comprehensive approach to turning back the clock, rejuvenating your appearance and make you feel and look refreshed. An in-office Mini-Facelift is the best option to rejuvenate your appearance while minimizing risk and minimizing expense. If you are a good candidate for the procedure, the results can be wonderfully refreshing and give you a very natural look. The Mini-Facelift vs the Full Facelift varies in range from minimally invasive to more extensive, depending on your needs. Dr Gaudet will discuss your options with you during your initial consultation. He will want to know the improvements you would like to see, what bothers you the most and what outcomes you feel are realistic. He will answer all your questions and give you all your options.

Both Mini-Facelifts and Full-Facelift procedures can effectively remove sagging skin, tighten underlying tissues and muscles, and improve the look of the skin on the face and neck. It can correct mid-face sagging and jowls that are starting to appear, improve marionette lines and improve double chins. Throughout the US, thousands of men and women undergo successful facial surgery each year. For most people, a Mini-Facelift can address your needs, and can be comfortably done under local anesthesia, in our office. If a person’s eyebrows and forehead are low and droopy then a Full Facelift may be necessary to help elevate and tighten those areas. The decision between a Mini-Facelift or Full Facelift recommendation will be made during your consultation.

Your first visit with Dr. Gaudet is full of information…you are not obligated to do or buy anything. We give you lots of information to help you make the best decision for you. There are many choices available from surgery to in-office procedures (ie: wrinkle injections, wrinkle reducers, skin tightening, skin care products, and other surgeries like Eyelid Surgery or liposuction). We want to give you all your options, based on the improvements you would like to see. Contact us to schedule your first visit, you’ll be happy you did…603-431-5488

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Jenn’s Coffee Break

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Jenn's Coffee BreakFOUNTAIN OF YOUTH ?

Once people find out I work for a plastic surgeon, they ask if I am “searching for the fountain of youth?”  I find that question rather interesting as I don’t consider any of the cosmetic procedures I have had done as “youth seeking”.

While it is true that everyone in one way or another desires to look and feel younger than they are, (usually once you are over 40), not everyone wants to be “younger”.  Women and men will often say “I want to look younger today but within reason”.

When I hear the word youth I think of being in high school and honestly as much as I say that I would like to look 16 again, in reality I don’t.  I am 45 and feel and look like I am in my 30’s and that is perfectly fine with me.

Having cosmetic plastic surgery doesn’t mean you will turn back the clock 20 years and we tell people that.  You need to have reasonable expectations.  A conservative approach when it comes to a mini-facelift, upper and/or lower eyelid office surgery, as well as facial fillers and Botox, is the key to obtain a natural appearance.  The goal is to look on the outside the way you feel on the inside.

The best way to prepare for a consultation with Dr. Gaudet is by spending time looking in the mirror and animating with your face.  Smile, laugh, frown and look at your face from different angles.  What do you LIKE about your appearance and what would you like to see improved?  Take a “selfie”, yes I said it “selfie”.  You would be surprised how many people call our office because they took a “selfie” and saw their “jowls” or “crow’s feet” for the first time.

We all want to look and feel our best and show our best face to the world every day.  We are not “chasing the fountain of youth” or “searching for perfection”, we are merely trying to be the best we can be, inside and out.  Isn’t that a great goal to have?

PS: If you’d like to send a comment or ask any questions, please contact me at

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Myth Busting: Plastic Surgery Fact vs. Fiction – Part II

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Female PatientThe most powerful myths that stop people from considering cosmetic procedures are the ones that live inside our heads.  “People will think I’m vain,” “I’ll look unnatural,” and “It’s emasculating for men to get cosmetic procedures” are a few biggies – all of  them self-perpetuating stigmas and shames that are no longer relevant in this age of information and empowerment.

Vanity? Why not? It’s a well-known fact that how a person feels about their looks directly affects their self-esteem, overall health and general well-being.  So in the spirit of self-care, why wouldn’t someone seek out a procedure that will help them feel better about their appearance?

Gone are the days when cosmetic surgery did indeed leave some patients looking “plastic.”  Today’s goals, however, are focused on achieving a natural an “un-done” result that leaves the patient looking like themselves…only better.  With the myriad of advances in technique, product and procedure, and your American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) board-certified plastic surgeon will ensure that yours and their expectations are aligned and realistic, leaving little room for miscommunication or a “plastic” looking result.

The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery cosmetic surgery 2014 statics showed a 43% increase in the number of men undergoing cosmetic procedures over a five year period – and that number is rising.  So much so that notable plastic surgeons are now focusing a portion of their practice on catering to the specific needs of men.  From this we can sumise that the sexist stigmas that may have haunted cosmetic surgery in the past are now archaic and out of touch with the modern man.

Of course, none of our myth-busting means that cosmetic surgery is without its risks, but ensuring that your procedure is performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon will significantly reduce any risk of a botched procedure or surgery-gone-wrong.

Credits and acknowledgments: Myth Busting: Plastic Surgery Fact vs. Fiction 
by Corrie Shenigo, May 4, 2015. Taken from The Smart Beauty Guide brought to us by the American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.  Thank you Connie and ASAPS for your insights, views, data, creative writing, and allowing us to share this article with our readers.

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Myth Busting: Plastic Surgery Fact vs. Fiction – Part I

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Female PatientFor all the factual information out there on cosmetic surgery and procedures, there’s an equal amount of false information.  Today in Myth Busting – Part 1, we are going to look at a few popular misconceptions being bandied about in order to clear the air using a little something we like to call reality.  Here we go!

1) Let’s start where it hurts the most: your wallet. Many people forgo even considering cosmetic surgery and procedures due to the belief that “it’s just too expensive.”  The truth is that along with procedures (particularly non-invasive ones like injectables and IPL hair removal) becoming less invasive, they’ve also become more affordable.  This may be why the number of nonsurgical procedures performed in the US has consistently risen since 1997 with more than 10 million surgical and nonsurgical prodedures performed in 2014 alone.  Many plastic surgeons also offer financing, like CareCredit to help make cosmetic surgery more affordable.

2) There is really no way around it.  All surgery produces scars. By choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon who’s been trained in the technique and art of aesthetics, those scars are likely to be minimized and hidden as much as your chosen procedure will allow.  For example, scars from a tummy tuck procedure are typically hidden beneath the bikini line, Facelift and Mini-Facelift scars hide neatly along the hairline and within the contours of the ears, and breast augmentation scars are often hidden in the crease beneath the breasts, making the scarring less visible.

3) There are numerous myths and rumors concerning breast augmentaion and how safe the procedure really is.  So let’s put those aside by sharing what we do know:
a) The US FDA has approved various saline and silicone implants for medical use after vigorous clinical trials and research.
b) Data is still routinely collected to determine if there is a link between implants and any other illness.  So while no proceure is without its risks, we can be sure that the implant itself is safe.

Credits and acknowledgments: Myth Busting: Plastic Surgery Fact vs. Fiction
by Corrie Shenigo, May 4, 2015. Taken from The Smart Beauty Guide brought to us by the American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.  Thank you Connie and ASAPS for your insights, views, data, creative writing, and allowing us to share this article with our readers.

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Men Enjoy Cosmetic Procedures and Surgery Too!

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Chemical PeelThe American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that in 2013, men had more than 1 million cosmetic procedures, 9.4% of the total, and the number of cosmetic procedures for men increased over 273% from 1997. With those kinds of statistics it is obvious that enhancing one’s physical appearance is no longer the exclusive domain of women.  So what has precipitated this trend?   As more men continue to remain longer in the workforce, the pressure to retain a youthful appearance and compete with their younger male counterparts is certainly a factor fueling their interest in cosmetic procedures.  Also, men see women undergo cosmetic surgery, office procedures, injections, fillers, etc and like the results and would also like to benefit.  Procedures available are also not just limited to older men, younger men are taking a more vested interest in enhancing their appearance and are no longer feeling like it is something they need to do in secrecy.

In our practice, we have noticed an increase in male eyelid, minifacelifts and liposuction procedures.  We also notice a growing trend for procedures with little to no down-time such as facial fillers and wrinkle reducers like Botox, Dysport, Radiesse, Belotero, and other services like IPL hair reduction, skin tightening and skin care.

So women, go ahead and share your experiences with the men in your life…they may be more interested than you think.  Encourage them to enjoy the options available to them and that its OK to indulge.  They’re worth it too!!!

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TIME June 29, 2015 Article on Cosmetic Surgery

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Time Magazine 06-29, 2015Have you seen TIME magazines June 29, 2015 article: Nip. Tuck. Or Else. Now everyone gets work done.  Will You? by Joel Stein.  A patient brought it in for us to read…and it’s a really fun read. The author supports his article with statistics and data, real people examples, quotes by cosmetic surgeons, professors, CEO’s, before and after photos, prices, notable people in the field, women advocates, feminist advocates, etc., etc.

I really liked Mr. Stein’s full circle approach to the entire subject.  He noted in 19th century America, makeup was sold under the counter because it was mainy a tool used by prostitutes.  In the 30’s women hid the fact that they colored their hair.  Even in 2000, teeth whitening was treated like a forbidden tool.  I think its so funny to see how common everyday things now, were once frowned upon…we’ve come a long way baby!  So don’t let anyone tell you that this is right and that is wrong. Their advice should be…what’s right for you ! ! !

Women have been using enhancing techniques forever.  Now, men are into the market and getting great results and loving the benefits.  It’s nice to know there are options.  If we want to grow old naturally, that’s great but I’m loving the fact that since I choose to take advantage of options available to me that people are less likely to “judge”…after all, shouldn’t you just be happy that I’m happy.

Thanks for listening!
Nancy, Office Manager, Piscataqua Plastic Surgery and Skin Care

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2015 Readers’ Choice Awards

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Readers Choice Awards 2015The Nomination Round is Closed

Thank you to all those who nominated Dr. Charles J Gaudet in The Seacoast Readers’ Choice Awards. Your love and support is greatly appreciated.

Piscataqua Plastic Surgery and Skin Care

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Congratulations Dr. Gaudet

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Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., America’s trusted source for identifing Top Doctors, bases its selection process on the foundation of peer nominations.  Each year, Castle Connolly receives nearly 100,000 nominations via this process.  Regional Top Doctors are among the top 10-15% of physicians within their geographical region, as identified by Castle Connolly’s annual nationwide nomination survey, and are physician leaders within their communities and metropolitan areas.  Top Doc 2015-2016 Castle Connolly

Congratulations on your tremendous achievement and on being honored as a Top Doctor! ~ Castle Connolly Medical

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Mother’s Day Mommy Makeovers

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Mommy and babyA Mommy Makeover is a combination of cosmetic procedures that restores your before pregnancy appearance, typically focusing on the breasts and abdomen.  A typical makeover might include a tummy tuck, a breast procedure such as an augmentation, lift or reduction and liposuction of the legs, arms or trunk.  The term “Mommy Makeover” may be new, but the procedures involved have a long successful track record.

When to consider a Mommy Makeover:
– if your pregnancy has affected the size and shape of your breasts in an undesirable way
– if you’re distressed about your tummy shape and stretch marks
– if pockets of fat on your waist, abdomen, arms or thighs do not improve with diet and exercise

Consider the possibilities by scheduling a personalized consultation to address the things that bother you, and the options available. Receive a FREE CONSULTATION FOR THE MONTH OF MAY! The consultation will be very informative and full of information to help you make a good decision.  Call 603-431-5488 today and we will help make your dreams come true. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

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Jenn’s Coffee Break – Surgery Anxiety Is Normal

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Just about everyone having surgery gets nervous anxiety and it isn’t any different when you schedule cosmetic surgery.  Most patients actually feel embarrassed when they call saying “I really don’t have a question, I just want to talk about how nervous I am, is that normal since I want this surgery?”


The answer is YES of course it’s “normal”.  In life whenever we do something that we haven’t ever done before an anxiety response is triggered by your body.  Our protective mechanism in our brain tells us “this is new, lets think this through”.  Think about it this way, remember when you got on a bicycle for the first time?  You were nervous and had no idea what to expect, right?  You really wanted to learn to ride and you requested the lesson.  It’s the same way with cosmetic surgery.  This is something you really want and you requested the surgery, yet you have no idea what to expect except for seeing other friends results, receiving information from our office and hearing our personal experiences.  Give yourself permission to go through the anxiety and nervous process because believe it or not, it IS an important part of the process.  What we tell our patients is “if you weren’t nervous then we would be surprised” even patients (and staff) that have had surgery with Dr. Gaudet many times still experience some degree of anxiety.

The best way to ease your fears about your upcoming procedure:
1) Gather as much information during our one hour consultation as you can.  Bring a notebook with prepared questions and a space to fill in the answers.  Your consultation is scheduled for one hour and that time is all about you!
2) We will give you a folder with information about the surgery, pre and post surgery information and contact phone numbers so you always have somebody to call with follow up questions.
3) Each member of Our Staff is unique in the fact that we have all been in some aspect of the medical field for over thirty years, and we have all had surgery with Dr. Gaudet and therefore we can tell you what to expect regarding anxiety, surgery, recovery and results.
4) Bring the person that is going to care of you after surgery to your pre-op appointment.  It’s often helpful to have a second set of ears and someone else to ask questions.

Experiencing anxiety before surgery is perfectly normal so don’t feel as though, just because this is something you want, that you should be perfectly comfortable with it.
If you’d like to continue this conversation, please call me at 603-431-5488…. I’d love to hear from you…..Jenn


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Facelifts and Mini-Facelifts

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facial rejuvenationBoth a Facelift or a Mini-Facelift can offer a comprehensive approach to treating facial looseness and sagging.  The surgical procedure varies in range from minimally invasive to more extensive, depending on your needs.  Both procedures can effectively remove excess skin, tighten underlying tissues and muscles, and re-drape the skin on the face and neck.  It can correct mid-face sagging, improve marionette lines, jowls and double chins.  Throughout the US, thousands of men and women undergo successful facial surgery each year.

When To Consider A Facelift or Mini-Facelift:
If you feel that your appearance does not reflect your spirit and level of energy
If time has altered your appearance and you want to turn back the clock
If you determine that your aging skin & appearance is a social or career obstacle

A Facelift or Mini-Facelift can improve many areas of the face in one surgery
Can provide a younger, more rested appearance
Recontours the neck and jawline better than all other techniques
Facelifts and Mini-Facelifts will not create a new you, just a younger version of you
There is some healing downtime associated with this procedure
Depending on your age and skin type, you may want a secondary procedure later on

Am I A Good Candidate For A Facelift or Mini-Facelift?
Some facial characteristics that make you a good candidate for a Facelift or Mini-Facelift:
Sagging skin in your mid-face and/or jawline
Sagging in the jowls area
Deep lines extending from each corner of your mouth down to your chin
A double chin, resulting from loose skin and excess fatty deposits under the chin and jaw
Creased and sagging skin in your neck

For most people, a Mini-Facelift can address your needs, and can be comfortably done under local anesthesia, in an office setting.  If a person’s eyebrows and forehead are low and droopy then a Full Facelift may be necessary to help elevate and tighten those areas.  The discussion between undergoing a Mini-Facelift or Full Facelift will be made during your consultation.
Your first visit with Dr. Gaudet is full of information…you are not obligated to do anything.  We give you information to help you make the best decision for you.  There are many choices available from surgery to office procedures.  We want to give you all your options, based on the improvements you would like to see.
Let us walk you through a beautiful experience….603-431-5488

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Breast Augmentation

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breast-reduction-drgBreast Augmentation surgery increases or restores breast size using silicone gel implants or saline implants. Breast Enlargement is one of the most popular and frequently performed aesthetic surgery procedures.  Dr. Gaudet’s Breast Augmentation proceedure has a long and successful track record in satisfying women who wish to enhance, regain or restore balance to their figures.breast-bf-af-but


Breast Enhancement can be considered:

  • if you want a better proportioned or more enhanced figure
  • when pregnancy, weight loss or aging affects the size and shape of your breasts
  • to restore symmetry if one breast is smaller
  • for women who dream about a breast lift or mommy make over
  • or…if it’s just something you’ve always dreamed about, but never gave yourself permission to do…read on!

Considerations: PRO’s

  • augmentation is a long term solution to help achieve your ideal figure
  • you will look and feel better in clothes and swimwear
  • you will have a more youthful looking figure

Considerations: CON’sBreast Lift

  • breast implants require monitoring
  • implants will eventually need to be replaced
  • normal surgical risks are involved

You are a good candidate for breast augmentation when:

  • You believe your breasts are too small for your body
  • you feel self conscious wearing a swim suit or form fitting and low cut tops
  • clothes that fit your hips are too large at the bustline
  • your breasts have become smaller or less firm after you’ve had children
  • your breasts have become smaller due to weight loss
  • your breasts have become smaller due to menopause
  • You’d like to achieve a better balance or symmetry to your breasts

At Dr. Gaudet’s office in Portsmouth, NH, we specialize in giving individualized care and recommendations, a personal evaluation based on your needs and concerns.  We love doing breast augmentations and our results prove it!  We are the best and we love sharing all the information you need to make the right decision.

Thank you for becoming part of our viewing family…mention this blog article for a “Free” Breast Augmentation Cosmetic Consultation” (value $100.00) …you’ll be glad you did 603-431-5488



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The Difference Between Botox and Facial Fillers

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Sick of deep lines on your face?  Wishing you could get a quick fix for the signs of aging around your mouth and eyes?  You may think that Botox is your only option, but in fact there are other injectable cosmetics that plastic surgeons use to treat some lines on the face.  That’s why it’s important for individuals to understand the difference between injectables like Botox and Dysport and facial fillers like Radiesse and Belotero.

ASAPS photo - Botox and facial fillers

What Botox does:
According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), Botox is a neuromuscular toxin, and while it is the most widely recognized brand name for this type of cosmetic, there are other variations that have FDA approval, namely, Dysport and Xeomin.  The injectable medicine is used to treat “active” facial lines, meaning those that have only recently formed.  Dr Gaudet, a board-certified plastic surgeon, will inject the cosmetic into facial areas that are associated with the formation of wrinkles.  For example, the muscles you use to frown may be responsible for lines around the mouth, so a plastic surgeon can use Botox to artistically alter facial expressions.  This won’t result in a loss of the ability to show emotions on the face – the intention is to make subtle changes that will stop lines from forming while promoting a natural appearance.

What fillers do:
Dermal fillers, on the other hand, are used to treat “firmly established wrinkles” reports ASAPS.  There are many variations of soft tissue fillers available, so ask Dr Gaudet for a recommendation.  He will be happy to address your personal concerns and discuss which options are best for you.  In addition to treating deep wrinkles, these cosmetic fillers can alter the appearance of soft tissue – for example, they may be injected into the lips to make one’s pout appear fuller, or along the cheek bone or fill in tear troughs.

Making the choice:
A plastic surgeon is the best person to help you decide between these two types of skin treatments.
In fact, a physician based in South Dakota told Keloland Television that often times, patients think of Botox as a “fix-all”… “they come in and say, this bugs me.  I want Botox here!  Well, that’s not a Botox area.  That’s where we fill” …with a dermal filler.

Having a thorough consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon before you agree to an injection can help you pick the best option for your personal desires. Call our office at 603-431-5488 and mention this article to receive a free injectable “consultation” (cost $100.00) to help you get the answers you’re looking for.
Accurate, up-to-date beauty information is priceless!

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Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting !!!

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Not only was our Open House a huge success, we also became members of the Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce 10-09-2014!  Dr. Gaudet did the honors during the Ceremonial Ribbon Cutting.

Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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Thank You to everyone who was able to attend our Open House Event 10-09-2014.
It was a fun filled evening of Door Prizes, Live Model Demonstrations and Discounts.
Thank you for making our evening such a great success.
We look forward to seeing everyone at o
ur next event.

Open House  10-09-2014

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Jenn’s Coffee Break – today’s subject – WRINKLES

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coffee-jennAbout a week ago I woke up at 6:00am to the sound of my alarm clock telling me it was time to begin another day.  I stumbled to the bathroom blury eyed as I do every week day morning and as always looked into the mirror to see what new lines my pillow had created from the night before.  To my surprise and shock not only did I have new “sleep lines” but the corners of my mouth seemed to be heading south.  I looked as though I had a permanent frown.  My first thought was “oh terrific, I had a stroke during the night” and my second thought was “maybe I slept with Father Time last night instead of my husband and he had a score to settle with me.”  After closer inspection I noticed some wrinkles near my mouth that were accentuating the frown effect.  Thankfully I work for Dr Gaudet and knew that he would help me.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not the most vain person but I am only 43 and I’m not ready to let my wrinkles get the best of me yet.

After my shower and some makeup and more styling products for my hair than I like to admit (sorry ozone layer) I took one last look in the mirror and let my wrinkles know that once I arrived at Dr Gaudet’s office they will be eradicated like it or not.  At every red light I looked in my rear view mirror (the worst mirror to examine your face in by the way) and critiqued my face.  When did I start looking this old and tired?  Probably soon after having children I chuckled to myself.

Shortly after arriving at the office I noticed that Dr Gaudet had an opening on his schedule, Thank You for miracles.  Once in the chair with the mirror in hand I told Dr Gaudet that not only were the corners of my mouth heading south but the fine lines were creating a road map and my upper lip had lost volume and was wrinkled as well, even with a large amount of lip gloss.  Even though Dr Gaudet is my employer, he treats me like a patient when I am in the chair, he always explains the best options for the best corrections for my areas of concern.  He explained that lips loose volume and that creates the lips to look wrinkled and he went on to explain that the lines near the corners of the mouth cause the mouth to “droop”.  Luckily we have Radiesse and Belotero to the rescue.

Dr Gaudet injected Radiesse into the lines at the corners of my mouth and slightly below (marionette lines) and instantly the corners of my mouth were even again and pointing East to West vs South.  Just that tiny bit of product and 15 minutes of time made me feel at least five years younger (the five years Father Time stole the night before in eight hours).  OK now onto the lips.  I have had filler in my lips before but it was just to plump them a bit, but now I needed these lines eradicated.  Dr Gaudet injected Belotero in my upper lip and presto the lines were gone and my lip looked more youthful.  Radiesse was injected in my cheeks (Dr Gaudet’s brilliant suggestion) and instantly the dark circles under my eyes were diminished and the hollow area was filled in and by adding volume to my cheeks, my skin looked instantly smoother and gave a small lift to my “jowl” area.

So after thrity minutes my face easily looked at least five years younger and I felt like a million bucks.  My wrinkles were gone and my appearance looked much softer and “lifted”, my face was defying gravity once again.  On my ride home that afternoon I again was looking into the rear view mirror at each stop light but this time I was smiling at the reflection in the mirror. My lip gloss was shining and my lips looked amazing not to mention my mouth didn’t look like a road map to Florida any longer and my eyes didn’t look tired.  It’s amazing how just a thirty minute appointment can make such a big difference not just in the way you look but how you feel.

My husband noticed at dinner that I was smiling more than usual so he ased “OK what did you have done today?”  I was surprised he didn’t notice .  I told him what I had done and his response was the same as usual “I didn’t notice any of the complaints you mentioned.”  My reply was “well that’s good because I do these things for me because I notice them”.

Call us at Dr Gaudet’s office and see what thirty minutes could do for you 603-431-5488

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Tear Trough Injections

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Hollowness beneath the eyes can give the face a tired or sunken-in appearance.  The hollowed out area is commonly called the tear trough area.  Injections can be performed into the area to reduce the hollowness or in many cases, eliminate it, giving the area a smooth appearance.  The product used is a naturally occuring product called hyaluronic acid (Belotero) and can be injected into the tear trough under local anesthesia for comfort.  No downtime is required for recovery and the results are usually long lasting.  This same product is also great for adding volume to the lips, or into the fine lines of the upper lip.

Please call us for more information 603-431-5488 we’re always happy to help!

  Before Tear Trough Injections                                    After Tear Trough Injections

Before Tear Trough InjectionsAfter Tear Trough Injections






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How many times have you thought…”I hate my neck”… Dr. Gaudet hears this often from patients at his Portsmouth, NH office.


This may be because of loose skin, muscle bands creating a single or double neckband, or fatty fullness.  A combination of the above findings may be present giving you an appearance you dislike about your neck.  Weight loss and exercise are beneficial to your overall health, but typically offers only minimal improvement in the neck area.

What you have inherited or what you have acquired, may not be what you need to accept.

The neck area can have a wonderful improvement through a mini-facelift.  A MINI will offer improvements to the facial areas as well as the neck and jowl areas.  A MINI addressing the neck, requires an incision beneath the chin to allow access to reduce the fatty fullness and tighten the seperated neck muscles.  Incisions are also placed in the natural line in front of the ears, beneath the earlobe and behind the ears.  This allows tightening of the underlying muscle and the skin of the lower face, jowls and neck.  The procedure can be performed right in our office or in our outpatient setting.


Recovery is fairly quick and depends on your state of health and life style.  Both your procedure and recovery to a full active life style will be  individualized during your consultation.

Mention this Blog Article for a FREE consultation! And we’d really appreciate a like on our Facebook Page, if you would be so kind!


Dr. Obagi’s newest skincare line – “ZO” at Dr. Gaudet

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SUNSmart duo - ZO


Anti-Aging Powerhouse Duo: DEFEND + PROTECT

Ossential Daily Power Defense: Highly stable retinol, antioxidants, and specialized DNA repairing enzymes work around the clock to help minimize UV oxidative damage an uneven pigmentation, while restoring skin function and elasticity.

Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30: using natural melanin, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to provide broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.  Oclipse is also used to smooth and prime skin for a more even makeup application.

No matter what time of year or where you live, you must protect your skin everyday to prevent premature aging.  These two powerhouse anti-aging formulas by Zein Obagi, MD are designed to work together, offering maximum protection from the damaging effects of sun exposure and environmental pollutants and irritants.

ONLY $150.00 ($40.00 Savings) For a limited time, while supplies last!                           

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Cosmetic Surgery Interest Continues to Grow

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Dr. Gaudet’s practice in NH sees Cosmetic Surgery Interest Continue to Grow… as it does nationwide.

plastic-surg-stats2013Each year The American Society of Plastic Surgeons compiles a list of various cosmetic procedures performed in the United States.  It shows that the interest in plastic surgery continues to grow.  In 2013 more than 15.1 million cosmetic procedures were performed.

This shows a 3% increase over the previous year.  As techniques and procedures evolve and become more refined, interest grows.  Here are the most popular procedures performed in 2013:
#1 Breast Augmentation (enlargement/implants), #2 Eyelid Surgery (Upper and/or Lower Eyelids),
#3 Liposuction, #4 Facelift, Mini-Facelifts and Necklifts, #5 Tummy Tucks.  Also noted in the statistics is an increasing interest in breast lift procedures.

treatment-areasNon-invasive procedures proved to be very popular also due to their relative ease, predictability and lack of down time.  These include Botox and Dysport Injections, Radiesse and Belotero Injections which are soft tissue wrinkle fillers for the face, used to enhance lips, cheeks, soften Nasolabial Folds and Marionette lines around the nose, mouth and chin area. MicroDermabrasion, Intense Pulse Light (IPL) & Optimized Pulse Light (OPL) Treatments for skin tightening of the face and body, hair reduction, spot treatments and skin care, are all very popular and effective.  For more complete and detailed statistical information, see the attached information.

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Eyelid Surgery – Part 2 – What Improvements Will I See

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Eyelid Surgery Are your eyelids showing signs of aging?  The following conditions are often treatable through eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty):

  • Puffiness in the upper eyelids caused by excess fatty deposits
  • loose or sagging skin that creates folds or disturbs the natural contour
  • impaired vision
  • excess skin
  • bags under the eyes
  • droopiness of the upper eyelids
  • droopiness of the lower eyelids

Good candidates for Eyelid Surgery are adult men and women who have healthy facial tissue and muscles, do not smoke and do not have a life-threatening illness or medical condition that could impact healing.  The patient should have a positive outlook and realistic goals for improvement of the upper and or lower eyelids.

Blepharoplasty may be performed in the office.  It is a relatively low cost procedure and recovery time is short.  Under normal conditions, you should be able to return to daily activities within seven to ten days.  Initally, you may experience post eyelid surgery swelling, bruising, irritation, and discomfort, which are controlled with cold compresses, ointment, and medication if needed.

To ensure you have both proper care and a positive experience, select your Plastic Surgeon carefully.  Choose a Plastic Surgeon who is an ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) member.  This verifies their certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, their training and skill level.  Also select a Plastic Surgeon who is a member of the ASAPS (American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).  This is an even more elete group of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons who are members of the ASPS and specialize in cosmetic surgery, which would include Eyelid surgery.

We specialize in cosmetic surgery!  If you would like to discuss Eyelid Surgery in more detail, please call us.  We would love to provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision for YOU!   Please mention that you read this article to take advantage of a free complimentary consultation    603-431-5488

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Eyelid Surgery – Part 1 – Is Eyelid Surgery Right For Me?

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Eyelid Surgery Over the years, eyelids can start to sag. Not only can they make a person look older, but they may feel very heavy.  If you are experiencing droopy eyelids, you may wonder if an elective blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery, is right for you.  Several changes occur in our eyelids as we age.  By your late 30s or early 40s, the thin skin of our eyelids start to lose its elasticity and begins to stretch, resulting in excess folds of skin that may actually hang down over the edge of the upper eyelids.  In most people, this skin is the “first to go”.  You may feel an extra heaviness in the upper lid or feel the skin sitting on your lashes.

As we get older, the mucles beneath our skin also grows weaker, allowing fat to protrude through and cause bags, patricularly in the lower eyelids.  The levator muscle, which lifts the upper eyelid, can become weak causing the upper eyelid to droop.  Fine wrinkle lines and creases appear in the delicate skin around the lids.  The result is a tired, sleepy or sad look.  These changes detract from the natural beauty of the eye area.

Aging around the eyes is to a large extent determined by heredity.  Chances are, if a parent had saggy eyelids, you will too!  In 2012, eyelid surgery was the third most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedure.  In fact, the number of people who undergo blepharoplasty continues to grow each year, with an increase of 4% from 2011 to 2012.  The procedure corrects drooping upper eyelids and puffy bags below the eyes by removing excess fat and skin.  It goes a long way in restoring a youthful appearance with minimal cost, risk and recovery time.  In fact, many people choose blepharoplasty over a complete facelift.

To be continued – Part 2 – What Improvements Will I See With Eyelid Surgery

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Breast Augmentation

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Breast AugmentationBreast Augmentation is the surgical placement of breast implants to increase fullness and projection of the breasts or to improve symmetry of the breasts.  Clinically referred to as Augmentation Mammoplasty, a Breast Augmentation is used cosmetically to:

  • enlarge a naturally small breast
  • restore breast volume lost following pregnancy, weight loss and menopause
  • better symmetry if breasts are moderately disproportionate in size or shape
  • enhance your self image and self confidence



The consultation will be focused on YOU.  We will discuss your reasons for Breast Augmentaion surgery and how to best achieve these goals.  We will start by reviewing your medical history to be sure Breast Augmentation is appropriate for you.  The surgical procedure, implant placement and recovery will all be discussed.

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to help make a well informed decision and assist you during this process.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail, please call us at 603-431-5488… please mention that you read this blog article for a FREE $100 Consultation.





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Vanity or Inner Strength? by Jenn

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coffee-breakMy position at Dr. Gaudet’s Office as Patient Care Coordinator provides me the opportunity to meet many different people from all walks of life.  One thing most people have in common is the guilt they feel when considering plastic surgery.  Most patients talk with a few friends prior to their appointments and usually receive comments like “you don’t NEED plastic surgry” and my personal favorite…”I had no idea you cared that much about your apppearance”

I will admit, before I started working for Dr. Gaudet,  I really didn’t understand plastic surgery nor did I truly understand the reasons behind having it done.   I am happy to say that after working for Dr Gaudet for the past eight years,  I have learned the most important reasons behind the motivation for surgery, and it is not vanity.

What are the reasons that bring someone to a cosmetic consultation?  The reasons may be quite eye opening to the nay sayer.  Patients tell me that all their lives, they never felt comfortable in their skin.  I’m not talking about the girl next door that doesn’t feel pretty enough when she looks in the mirror or the awkward teen years that both males and females go through.  I’ referring to that person that hangs their head low or prefers to blend into the crowd and not draw attention to themselves.  Also consider the person that gets through a life changing transformation such as massisve weight loss only to find in the end that even though they are feeling better due to changing so much about their life, they are left with skin that no longer “fits” their body anymore.  Other people have gone thru life changing events that have left them “aged” before their time such as a death of a loved one or a divorce.  Major life changing events take a toll on your body both inside and out and once  you heal on the inside, looking at the results the events have taken on the outside just bring the feelings back to the surface daily, and never let you fully heal. A good number of our patients just want to look as good as they feel.  They are not changing the way they look, they are just improving on the way they already look.  You color your hair, have your teeth cleaned,straightened and whitened, etc. You spend a fortune on makeup, jewelry and clothing. The best house, new cars, great vacations, etc.  However your best investment is YOU…and if you feel good about the way your look, you radiate that confidence into every aspect of your life.

I have met many of these people and the agony they go through in order to give themselves permission to go through with even the smallest procedures, can be agonizing.  The bright side is, after a consultation with Dr. Gaudet and meeting our team, patients usually feel comfortable enough to share their reasons for seeking cosmetic procedures and cosmetic surgery. We are all very open about the procedures we have had done and the reasons why.

I feel blessed to work in an industry that not only deals with the outward appearance but heals the inside as well.  The patient that came in meek and insecure becomes confident and walks with head held hight and finds new strength in social situations, because what bothered them has been addressed in a positive way and they are happy with the results.  The weight loss patient that before surgery was still seeing their “former” body, now sees the results of all their hard work and can begin living life as the fit and healthy person they have beome.  The patient that has taken care of an ailing family member or friend and sacrificed so much for them including their own health, can now look refreshed and have a happy view of their life.  And the patient that just wants to look as good as they feel, thats easy, there are so many things you can do, both office surgery and little office procedures that enhance your look, your mood, your day…every day!

Plastic surgery is somethimes simply about wanting to look better or stop the signs of aging.  Isn’t that just another part of what society does daily? Lets face it, as a society we go to the gym, eat right and take personal hygeine very seriously, so why is it forbidden to have cosmetic surgery that makes you look on the outside the way you feel on the inside.  If I am going to spend the time and money to stay healthy, I want my face and body to reflect my hard work as well.

If you’d like to continue this conversation, please call me at 603-431-5488…. Jenn



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Weight LossQ: What is a Tummy Tuck?

A: Tummy Tuck (formally known as an Abdominoplasty) is a surgical procedure designed to remove excess loose skin and tighten the stomach muscles resulting in a smoother, firmer abdomen.

The most common causes of a loose or protruding abdomen is:

–          Pregnancy
–          Aging
–          Significant weight fluctuation
–          Previous abdominal surgery (C-section for example)

These life changes place stress on the abdominal wall and cause separation of the abdominal muscle as well as stretching of the skin.

Q: Am I a good candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

A: You are generally a good candidate:

–          If you are physically healthy and at a stable weight
–          If you have realistic expectations
–          If you do not smoke

Q: Can other areas of my body be addressed at the same time?

A:  Liposuction is frequently performed at the same time as your tummy tuck depending on what your needs are.  Also it is feasible for a Breast Augmentation (enlargement), Breast Lift, Thigh Lift or Arm Lift to be performed at the same time.

A Tummy Tuck is a highly individualized procedure. Your specific needs will be discussed with Dr Gaudet and his staff at the time of your consultation.  As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, practicing for over 25 years, Dr Gaudet has the training, skills and experience to best address your particular needs.  Call us for an individualized consultation today.  We’ll be happy to discuss this procedure with you and go over all your options.


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Skin Rejuvenation

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Skin Care For many people, looking great is a simple mater of a skin rejuvenation treatment for pigment and vessel clearance to reveal clearer, more attractive skin.  Palomar has an IPL treatment for pigment and vessel clearance that’s fast, easy and well-tolerated.

You’ll have the ability to take care of such skin care problems as hyperpigmentaton due to sun damage and more including vein removal, rosacea, telangiectasias, hemangiomas, melasma, on the face, neck, hands, legs and other body areas.  You will enjoy more comfortable porcedures with excellent outcomes and less downtime.  You’ll agree that IPL tretments simplify skin rejuvenation for better results.

Come in today for a skincare consult and let’s talk about your options….call us, we’re just a phone call away 603-431-5488.

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ROSACEA Treatments: Soothe Facial Redness and Flushing for Clearer Skin!

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For people with Rosacea, managing this skin condition can be a challenge since what triggers redness and inflammation of the skin in one person may not trigger it in another.

You don’t have to live with the signs of Rosacea, and you don’t have to spend valuable time and money covering it up with makeup.  Light-based Rosacea treatments can reduce Rosacea redness and “flushing” to reveal clearer more natural-looking skin in just a few easy treatments.

We have the latest “Icon” Intense Pulse Light (IPL) machine that addresses Rosacea.  Mention that you were referred by this blog article for a FREE Rosacea consultation with our Certified Aesthetician and Skin Care Specialist.

Choose light-based Rosacea treatments for clearer skin!

Rosacea before IPL TxRosacea after IPL Tx

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Wrinkle Fillers

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Class Reunion? Wedding? Graduation? Anniversary? Vacation? All of these occasions are reasons to “polish” your appearance.

Let’s face it, when we are invited to a big event we immediately think about the pictures that we will be in and you want to look your best.  So where do you start when you don’t have a lot of time?

drG-procedure1Wrinkle fillers are always a great place to start. Radiesse and Belotero will diminish lines around the mouth and eyes in under an hour in the safety and comfort of our office.  Dr Gaudet will address the most common concerns, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and crow’s feet.  He will explain which product is right for you and how it works to correct the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Lip enhancement is also available to add youthful fullness.

Call our office today and we will have you ready for your upcoming event and you will “shine” in those photos.  603-431-5488


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Fall in Love with the Lasting Results of Permanent Hair Reduction.

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        IPL - Before Hair Reduction IPL - After Hair Reduction

 Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal 

Summer is right around the corner and this means swimsuits and shorts. In little time you can be hair free and ready!  The demand for intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal treatments is at an all-time high. This is not surprising, considering that traditional hair removal via electrolysis or waxing is painful and expensive.  Light-based hair removal permanently reduces unwanted facial and body hair, in fewer treatments and with more comfort than is possible with traditional procedures.

Palomar’s hair removal equipment is clinically proven to produce results in removing unwanted hair from all areas of the body including the face, back, chest, leg, bikini line and underarm areas – with greater comfort and less down time.  Fall in love with the lasting results of permanent hair reduction.


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14.6 Million Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Procedures Performed in 2012!

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plastic-surgery-proceduresDr. Gaudet’s patients are part of the trend of wanting to look their best!

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons released new data recently supporting what you may already know….or answering the question you keep asking … what do my friends know that I don’t know?

If you don’t know the answer to this question, ask yourself the following: what can I do that’s not surgery, with little or no down time, that I can afford to do,  that will help me look younger or at least remove some of the signs of aging like frown line and wrinkles? Something that is so simple to do, that even my friends won’t know, unless they’ve figured it out too!

The main reason cosmetic procedures grew 5% last year is because of the rise, for the third year in a row, in non-surgical office procedures. “I don’t want surgery, but I do want to know what I can do to look and feel better”.

What are the top 5 office procedures available for men and women looking for non-surgical procedures:

1)   Injectables like Botox or Dysport to reduce frown lines and wrinkles

2)   Soft Tissue Fillers like Radiesse, Restylane, and Belotero to fill in unwanted lines and wrinkles to give a softer more youthful look.

3)   Chemical Peels to freshen-up your face by removing top layers of dull dry skin, revealing healthy, glowing skin for both women and men.

4)   Laser/IPL Hair Removal of unwanted hair of underarms, legs, upper lip, bikini area, etc.

5)   Microdermabrasion to freshen up the skin on your face by exfoliating and polishing your skin.

Dr Gaudet is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with over 25 years of cosmetic experience, both surgical and non-surgical.  The first visit to the office is a meet and greet consultation to discuss what bothers you, what can be done to address your concerns and how much it costs.  Mention this article and you’ll receive a FREE $100 cosmetic consultation!  Our patients are our customers and our friends.  They want an expert source of information to ask questions, see what is available and told the truth about what to do and what not to do.  Many people tell us they were nervous to come in for the first time because they felt embarrassed, scared or felt their issues were trivial. Then they go on to say they are so glad they took the first step because they are happy with the simple improvement they were looking for and received.  They call us to discuss everything and anything that may improve their well being and especially their day to day beautiful feeling.  We’re here for you too!  Give us a call to discuss your cosmetic proceedure questions 603-431-5488   (Nancy, Office Manager contributed to this post.)

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Enhance Your Youthful Appearance with Eyelid Surgery

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At the practice of Charles J. Gaudet, M.D. in Portsmouth, New Hampshire (also serving the metropolitan New England area, including Manchester, Nashua, York, Portland, Boston, and Newburyport) patients discover how to enhance their youthful appearance with eyelid surgery.


If you’ve been considering how eyelid surgery will enhance your appearance and achieve a more youthful visage, please read more to learn about eyelid surgery at Dr. Gaudet’s esteemed practice in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

What is Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid surgery – also referred to as blepharoplasty – is a unique corrective treatment that can help reduce the appearance of puffy or baggy eyes.  Eyelid surgery is also appropriate for patients who have excessive wrinkles around the eye area, as the procedure can help tighten and lift the skin in the treatment area.

Eyes are often the first to show the signs of aging, as the skin is much more delicate in this area.  Eyelids often become puffy, weighted down and darker as the aging process continues, which can highlight the look of wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet.  It’s also important to note that as the body ages, the amount of collagen within the face begins to dissipate.  This can create saggy skin around the eye area, which promotes a tired appearance.

In order to promote a youthful and well-rested appearance, Dr. Gaudet will use the following techniques during your blepharoplasty:

  • Incisions will be made on the upper & lower eyelid area following the natural contours of the area helping to minimize scars.
  • Dr. Gaudet will work on the upper eyelid by first the extra skin, followed my removing fatty pads that contribute to the full appearance of the eyelids.  Sutures are then placed to close the incision.
  • The lower eyelid can be addressed by making an opening directly below the eyelashes.  We then trim the fatty pads responsible for the puffy appearance, then remove the extra skin.  This helps improve that tired look.

This procedure usually takes about one to two hours to perform, and can be done right in the comfort of Dr. Gaudet’s office.  To aid in your recovery, it’s recommended that you rest and limit physical activity in the weeks after the procedure.  Your sutures are ready to be removed in about a week.

Visit Dr. Gaudet’s Portsmouth Practice Today

Dr. Gaudet is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. In addition to being conveniently located across from Portsmouth Hospital, Dr. Gaudet’s practice has recently been named Business of the Month by the Northeast Credit Union. Dr. Gaudet has also been named one of the best plastic surgeons in New Hampshire by national publication US News and World Report.

If you’re interested in having eyelid surgery, visit Dr. Gaudet’s practice in Portsmouth, New Hampshire today for a blepharoplasty consultation and visit his website at

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What You Need to Know About Arm Lift Procedures

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Arm LiftIf you have been thinking about an arm lift procedure and are now ready to discover how an arm lift can tighten and eliminate excess skin and fullness, plus restore your confidence and renew your ability to wear all types of clothing again, please read on to learn more about this popular and satisfying procedure.

What is an Arm Lift?

The arm lift – also referred to as brachioplasty – is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess fat and skin from the upper arm and reshapes this area to produce a sleeker and smoother appearance. An arm lift procedure is appropriate for patients who have difficulty slimming down their arms with just diet and exercise.

During the arm lift consultation, Dr. Gaudet will discuss many factors with you to determine if you’re an ideal candidate for a brachioplasty. These factors include:

  • The reasons why you want an arm lift
  • Any medical conditions you may have
  • The current medications, vitamins, and herbal supplements you may be taking
  • Any previous medical surgeries you may have had

After determining that you’re an ideal candidate for an arm lift, Dr. Gaudet will walk you through what you can expect from the brachioplasty surgery. During the arm lift procedure, a small incision will be made. This will allow Dr. Gaudet to safely remove the unwanted fat as well as reduce any excess skin in an effort to create a sleek and contoured appearance.

During the recovery from your arm lift procedure, you will be instructed to minimize your activity for several weeks. This will help your arms recover quickly and allow for optimal healing. You can expect to resume activities in as little as six to eight weeks after the procedure. Results are long-lasting so long as you maintain regular diet and exercise.

Visit Dr. Gaudet’sPortsmouthPractice Today

If you’re interested in arm lift surgery, be sure to visit Dr. Gaudet’s practice in Portsmouth, New Hampshire today for a brachioplasty consultation and visit his website at We’re just a short dive from Nashua, Dover, Concord and Southern Maine.

At the practice of Charles J. Gaudet, M.D. in Portsmouth, New Hampshire – also serving the metropolitan New England area, including Manchester, Nashua, York, Portland, Boston, and Newburyport – patients will discover the many benefits of the arm lift procedure. Dr. Gaudet is a board certified Plastic Surgeon and a member of the prestigious American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Dr Gaudet’s office is conveniently located directly across from Portsmouth Hospitalon Borthwick Avenue in beautiful Portsmouth,NH.

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Cosmetic Surgery Beauty is in the eye of the beholder….if it bothers YOU then address whatever it is and live life to the fullest. In this day and age, we have lots of choices available but everyone wants the same thing…to look and feel our best at every age. Every girl/guy needs one good plastic surgeon to inform them of what’s available at each stage in life, so viable options don’t pass us by. How many times have you said, if I only knew then, what I know now.

Here are some general guidelines according to age and options:

20’s – Breast Enlargement, Nose Reshaping and Liposuction …also available and key at this age are Skin Care & Spa Services. For non-surgery enhancements remember it’s never too early to address good skin care. You want to enhance your skin and maintain a healthy look. Spa services such as massages, dermaplaning, facials, spot treatments, hair removal are available. Take advantage of these services and learn what the next steps are so you’re not in the dark about what’s available.

30’s – Liposuction, Tummy Tucks, Breast Implants, Mommy Makeovers, plus the hot items for this age group are wrinkle fillers, Dysport or Botox, Chemical Peels, IPL Photo facials and Skin Tightening procedures. Fine lines, wrinkles and post baby changes can be seen and addressed. You’re now in a position to refine what you see and want enhanced because you’re in control of your life and your options are attainable. You control the purse strings and you are your best investment. Your mantra is “maintain”.

40’s – Eyelid Surgery, Dysport and Radiesse does wonders for this age group. You are also the prime clientele for all Skin Care and Spa Services. Along with the previous surgeries mentioned for each age group, 40 year olds can always turn back the clock by having their Eyelids done. It’s simple, safe, effective an affordable, if you have chosen the right surgeon. When you see bags, sags and wrinkles, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation and get more information. Please do not try to find the cheapest surgeon, or settle for an ENT, Dermatologist or Ophthalmologist. You want the BEST, therefore have a “board certified” Plastic Surgeon do your surgery and rest assured you’re in the best surgical hands possible.

50’s – Mini-Facelifts, Eyelid surgery, Dysport and Radiesse are the best rejuvenating procedures available. As stated above, get the best “board certified” Plastic Surgeon you can find and turn back the clock. You will still look like YOU only a few years younger. Your friends will not even notice unless you tell them. What they will notice is that you look better, but they won’t know why. You’d be surprised how many men and women have this done. This is surface surgery with very little down time. A mini-facelift and or eyelid surgery has the best results your money can buy. You are your own best investment. You should already be on a skin care line and taking advantage of various spa services such as chemical peels, dermaplaning, skin tightening, spot treatments, etc, but if you’re not, its never to late to start.

60’s Plus – All the above services are available to you. If you have had surgery you can maintain your youthful appearance with wrinkle fillers and wrinkle reducers such as Dysport and Radiesse. You can maintain by continuing with a good skin care program and adding IPL skin tightening, spot treatments, dermaplaning, facials, etc. If you have been aging well thru the years and have had nothing done by age 60, do yourself a favor and schedule a consultation just to see what your options are. Aging never looked so good.

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